Shamsa then visits Aaliyan’s Dadi. Natasha and Aaliyan soon get married. Ishq Mein Tere — Episode 04! Geo TV series Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani drama television series s Pakistani television series Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs. This page was last edited on 17 November , at He says that as long Qudsiya is happy and married, his heart beats would actually beat.

There Natasha is again angry on Aaliyan and leaves his room crashing with Qudsiya. Mere humrai last episode review, sanam baloch Namaz Scene, what was end of rishtay kuch adhooray say. Pyarai Afzal — Episode 4. It also aired on Indian channel Rishtey. He then says that hell be coming tomorrow and asks her to be ready. Qudsiya asks him to stay as it was raining.

Natasha and Aaliyan soon aasmanob married. Eeview using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ishq Main Tere — Episode I think we have seen so many unrealistically real dramas in this whole year that to see something this simple is actually doing the trick.

Kabhi Kabhi Episode Afzal has finally transformed into Pyarai Afzal not by his looks only: Qudsia gets happy for her.

Kankar — The Finale. He says that as long Qudsiya is happy and married, his heart beats would actually beat.


Later Aaliyan’s dad goes and insults Qudsia to which she answers sincerely. Ranjish Hi Sahi — Eisode 9. Aasmanon Pay Likha Urdu: Lastly it is shown that Aaliyan and Qudsia are happy together. She says to give her a divorce.

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Later Shamsa’s health conditions go rsview as she has cancer at last stage. Soon Shamsa passes away. Dadi tells him how good Qudsiya is and how this will affect her and her family though it is not even her mistake. Kabhi Kabhi — Episode Retrieved from ” https: They live in America whereas Qudsiya gets a job at Aaliyan’s real mom’s place.

He then says that hell be coming tomorrow and asks her to be ready. Later after some day Qudsiya’s dad decides to work again. As it is […].

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Ranjish Hi Sahi — Episode 6. Shakk Episode 6 Review. Natasha keeps thinking that Aaliyan is cheating on her. She goes to America. As he gets off his car he meets Shehnawas along with his daughter. Aaliyan says Qudsia that he needs him. Dadi gives it to Aaliyan likhz asks him to meet her. After few days Aaliyan again goes and visits her mom as he is really angry and wants to know why she left him. Dadi takes Qudsiya back home.


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Pachtawa episodes — Likhz. Its highest rating is She goes down and Natasha arrives there and ends up by slapping. Another week with a great episode. Ishq Mai Tere — Episode Her father eventually has a heart attack after getting insulted.

She says that she just wants to hug him but he refuses and leaves.

Shamsa then tells Qudsia that today his son came and met her. He holds her hand, holds her closer, and says that she is his wife. Mere Humrahi Episode 17 — The Accusations!

He decides to go back at Qudsiya’s place. While she is about to go Aaliyan holds her hand and asks her not to go.

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Shamsa gets emotional and just wishes to talk to him and hug him but he refuses and then leaves. Soon they come to Pakistan.

She gets even more upset.