Oparta na autobiografii bylego agenta radzieckiego opowiesc o swiecie wywiadu, w ktorym nie licza sie zadne normy moralne ani wiezi ludzkie. There is great drama and suspense in this spy thriller. In the GRU, every one was being watched and everyone was watching someone else. One of my favorite moments was Suvorov realizing the revolution is always served by criminals and incompetents, who’s treason is revealed the moment they’re dead. It is here that agents are brought to be trained, disciplined, and when necessary, broken. Where he worked as a teacher and a adviser for news agencies. Agents of the GRU are said to have attended every exhibition on the planet in the last fifty years — from exhibits of military electronics and tanks to cats and flowers, with one of their most successful missions carried out at an exhibition of Chinese goldfish. Better to face an uncertain future in the West than the crematorium.

Lists with This Book. Suvorov defects because he fails to become a Viking, because the ladder of prestige he was climbing for his entire career runs out, and because he couldn’t face failure back home. You can make more progress at the local library than prowling around well secured buildings after dark. There are better spy book bibles than this. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. The earlier parts of the book, as tanker and special forces soldier, carry with them a lot of joy. Books by Viktor Suvorov. Classroom resources for teachers.

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GRU agents, Induction into the GRU, the elite Soviet military-intelligence agency, begins wiktkr a film strip of a traitorous agent being burned alive. I can’t remember anything in the book where Suvorov talks about his family.

It is here that agents are brought to be trained, disciplined, and when necessary, broken. Future learning and skills.


It is particularly forceful in its depiction of Russian military intelligence formerly the GRUwhich often held the stick over the KGB.

Aug 27, Malkhaz Shonia rated it it was amazing Shelves: A thoroughly haunting and vivid collection of insights into the GRU. Mlody czolgista, porucznik Wiktor Suworow, zostaje zwerbowany przez pulkownika Krawcowa do wywiadu wojskowego Armii Czerwonej. Preview — Aquarium by Viktor Suvorov.

Gradually, Suvorov became disillusioned with the GRU, and it was when he was forced to betray one of his best friends wikotr he made up his mind to defect.

It is a memoir of a Russian spy who takes us down his memory lane and shares akwarikm mystery behind the GRU curtain and the price he paid for being a spy.

The Aquarium brings us into the secret world of Soviet wiktlr. Amazing story from former soviet spy. The interesting story is also pared with great acting. The guy was never even a true believer, he claims, but merely trying to survive, get I liked this book though it is an odd duck.

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Search for Lottery awards. See 1 question about Aquarium…. I love this book: The first part of the book which opens to the reader some great secrets of soviet special forces and intelligence agencies is really fascinating.

Courses, suaorow and conferences for teachers. Become a BFI Champion. How did he get his family out if things actually went down the way he writes? There is great drama and suspense in this spy thriller. It was a military intelligence organization that demanded the absolute loyalty and total domination of its secretive minions. Engineers developing top military technologies are often the kind of people who can never find a sympathetic ear truly interested in the details of wlktor clever sci A akwafium of life at the highest level of Soviet intelligence gathering which, though ultimately unknowable, has the real ring of truth.


Make-up Anna Lewandowska Sound: In the GRU, every one was being watched and everyone was watching someone else.

Former Soviet-Union army officer fled in to England. Education events at BFI Southbank. The movie touches upon a topic that is not too well know.

The view he gives of the GRU is instructive. Are they with Suvorov in Switzerland? This is not a light read, as it starts with delightful descriptions of what happens to ‘traitors’ – and never lets up. W stosunku do sworow zatracono jednak autentyzm i szczerosc wypowiedzi – pozostala tylko kolejna szpiegowska historyjka.

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Toll Free 1 We get to see a glimpse of the training and world of tricks they must endue where they are never sure if they are on a real mission or are just being tested. The lives of the agents were dominated by fear of failure, fear of mistakes, and fear of exposure—but not exposure to the other side so much as exposure to the GRU itself. They know how to hook someone’s attention, and so does Suvorov, as he describes his journey from armor officer, to Spetsnaz operative, to GRU agent.

Dec 19, Michael Burnam-Fink rated it really liked it Shelves: Read industry research and statistics. That was real page-turner