Halloween I look so cool. When they wish to postpone to a specific date within the following week The reason for their postpone Chat logs showing the other team’s agreement to playing the match in the indicated week 3c. A maximum of one mercenary per match may be used, and mercenary usage must be approved by the division administrator prior to each usage. Offenses and Penalties 5a. The top four teams in each division will enter the playoffs, after being seeded according to their results in the regular season. Teams will be considered inactive and disbanded upon forfeiting three or more of their regular season matches, or upon informing AsiaFortress Administrators of their intent to disband. Upon agreeing on a time, team captains are to post chat logs on the match thread, clearly indicating the date and time of the match and the agreement of both teams. This time will be taken as final unless both team leaders are able to agree on an alternate timing and post chat logs on the thread.

Let’s also not forget the runner-up teams that have given us spine-chillingly close matches. Team Fortress 2 organizations 6v6 leagues Asian TF2 leagues. Any violation of the above rules will lead to the player in question and possibly his team being subject to penalties. If the opposing team captain fails to respond within a reasonable timeframe, contact your division administrator. The teams are roster-locked throughout the season. February 25, – Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Receiving of Medals Successful completion of an AsiaFortress Cup season earns players in all participating teams medals. The away team will then pick the first map, followed by the home team picking the second and third map. The reason for pausing must be clearly communicated to the other team before any player on the server may pause. Rostered players must not be subject to an active AsiaFortress Cup ban. Team captains are responsible for confirming the correct scoreline is submitted before this deadline — late disputes will not be entertained.

The top four asiafkrtress in each division will proceed to the playoffs. We encourage teams having internal troubles to contact a Division Administrator either for aid in resolving said issues or to inform them of the team’s disbanding.


This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat January 21, – The map pool can be found in the key dates thread. Account sharing is also strictly prohibited; a single account may not be used by more than one player in AsiaFortress matches.

The first asiafotress window for AFC14 is now open! Offenses and Penalties 5a. Please note that scores will be finalised and no longer subject to change 24 hours from the first report post. The details for the server are as follow: W sapnu BEO January 14, – Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. During the regular season, map draws are allowed, hence for 5CP maps, the scoreline at the end of thirty minutes is to be taken as final.

Take note that using two mercenaries in a single match will be counted as two usages. Captains are responsible for all aspects of team management, including but seasn limited to scheduling, attending matches, and liaising with AsiaFortress administration in the event of a dispute. A team that forfeits greater than two matches will be treated as inactive, and thus disqualified from the tournament.

January 19, – If logs are unavailable, a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the map should be provided.

If a name is deemed to be inappropriate, the team captain will be informed at the earliest convenience and be given until Division seeding is announced to submit a different name to the AsiaFortress administration. Firstly, our friends at serveme. A season features asiafortresd transfer windows, during which the players can join and leave clans, with the admins’ approval.

In addition, receiving a VAC ban for TF2 at any time will be treated equivalently to being caught cheating in an official match, and similar penalties will apply. This process must be completed by 24 hours before the stipulated match time, else the division administrator will select map order himself and post it on the match thread.

Mercenaries may be chosen without the consent of the other team if they are registered in a team participating in a lower division. Ideally, a server should have minimal choke, loss, stuttering and ping difference between the two teams.



Regular Season The regular season will consist of seven weeks, during each of which teams will play two maps. If a server satisfactory for both teams cannot be found, they are to use an official AsiaFortress server that provides the lowest average ping difference. Lerl – Becoming A Superstar. If this occurs, map order will then be non-negotiable; it is thus the duty of the team captains involved to ensure that the map selection process is completed in a timely fashion.

The Golden Cap is a asiafortrsss round with no time limit, and whoever wins it will win the map. Divisions Teams will be seeded and then split into 3 divisions based on their players’ experience and past results in AsiaFortress competitions.

Teams will be ranked first by match wins, followed by map wins, then in the event of a tie the head to head result between tied teams, then if said result was also a tie total round wins. Teams will alternately ban and pick maps from the provided pool to determine what maps seasoon played in what order.

Tournament Medal – AsiaFortress Cup (Season 8)/ja – Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

Upcoming Events No upcoming events found. Score posts should clearly state the winner, scoreline, and if necessary, mercenaries used for each map, as well as link to the logs of the match. The team postponing must clearly state: The competition has an entry fee of 6 refined 2 refined are returned after a complete season, without forfeits.

If the opposing team captain fails to respond within a reasonable timeframe, contact your division administrator. During playoffs, a further restriction applies. Division 1 Division 2 Division 3. Upon conclusion of registration, asiafodtress will be locked until the Transfer Windows.