He starts his first Chaotic match against Sam Murakami. After writing a school essay about the how Chaotic is a real place, Kaz is sent to a psychologist by his worried mother. Hearing what Tom says about the Mipedians, Tianne tells Tom to scan him and use him in his next Chaotic match. Maxxor finally fights with Milla’iin. All seems well until Tom makes a disturbing discovery back in Chaotic. As part of evidence to find out if Tartarek is a traitor, Kaz battles Tartawrecker. It starts with these mysterious agents of a peace organization, who take Peyton to their headquarters.

Maxxor succeeds in bringing Aa’une to Lake Blakeer. Tom and friends encounter the servants of the elements and they each scan one of the servants and battle in the Beta Drome to see who is better elementalist in their group. Kaz is thrilled and decides to help him out until his friend ends up on a hot winning streak without his help. So Sarah vows to get a scan of him, and her search leads to a fateful showdown between a Mipedian spy and the Danian Queen. Seeking to unravel the mystery of Maxxor’s illness, Tom must ‘port to Lake Ken-i-po to consult with Najarin — if he can survive the Mugic trap inside the old wizard’s castle. Back at Lake Morn, Garv studies the sample and manages to find a way to develop a serum which is placed in a crystal-cased spear. Kaz gains a new scan that is actually two creatures in one – Borth-Majar. Meanwhile, Milla’iin defeats Maxxor and wins the match.

Maxxor lets the Boval go to deliver a message to Illexia for a truce to defeat the M’arrillians. This causes the Mipedians to retreat. When he runs into the slimy disease, Tom is saved by Smidon and manages to obtain a sample. After a close call with a flying creature and the water monster Voorx, they are rescued by Abohan and led to Ancient Kiru City.

Tom declines the trade because he distrusts the lizard-like warriors after what had happened with Reggie and Mudeenu.

Kaz, Tom, Sarah and Peyton decide to track down the giant. Maxxor manages to evade his M’arrillian pursuers and use the Song of Translocation to get to where Intress is battling Raznus.


Back in the present, Tom visits Najarin stating he never should’ve learned the secrets of Dranikus Threshold. As Najarin becomes occupied searching for UnderWorld spy devices, Tom heads to Dranikus Threshold and travels back in time to learn about Maxxor’s ancestors and has an encounter with that time period’s Najarin. In their headquarters, they tell Peyton about Roderick Rothington who is an expert counterfeiter and duels under the name of Counterfighter.


Tom agrees to use the very weak Bodal in his next match, putting him in serious jeopardy. Peyton learns that the Mugic is running out. Najarin states he shouldn’t have snapped at Tom. Tom manages to defeat Hotekk, and gets a very common scan of Dranikus Threshold. When Kaz and Peyton’s ‘friendly’ squabble spins out of control, Tom decides the only solution is a ‘Scavenger Scan’ match.

Chaotic – The Thing About Bodal

When one of the defense mechanisms mesmerizes Tom into a deadly trap, the rest of the gang along with Larina try to save him and Blazier. Tom and company explore a giant temple for treasures to scan and discover much more than they bargained for. The only hope to combat this fearsome force lies in a crazed creature named Hoton. This spells trouble for Chaor and the UnderWorlders that are with him. At Lake Blakeer, Aa’une changes into his true-form: A player named Connor, with help from Klay and Krystella, tricks Peyton into trading 20 of his cards episde a scan of the Mipedian Warbeast Blazvatan.

Kaz and Peyton navigate Chaor’s castle while evading Spyder. Ulmar has created a machine that will port the UnderWorlders to Chaotic. Is Raznus truly Maxxor’s best friend Mister E’s Ragetrod defeats Tom’s Najarin.

Little do they know, Peyton has a plan to beat it. Kaz is thrilled and decides to help him out until his friend ends up on a hot winning streak without his help. A thing that has Smildon and the other inhabitants of Prexxor Chasm frightened.

Torn between friendship and popularity, Kaz sets out to become the ChaotiKings’ newest member — if he can survive the initiation. Once there, they are shocked to meet Kiru. Chaor arrives and attempts to stop Phelphor only to get knocked out when Phelphor causes his Mowercycle to crash. During a fight, Kaz discovers that his opponent has a creature he has never faced before: But when it comes to the final creature, Tom as Gaspedan loses its speed and power as some side effect.

The clock is ticking as the desperate duo speed through Perim, scavenging scans and dodging danger — then it’s off to the BattleDrome for the most chaotic Chaotic battles ever.

However, his machine causes wormholes to appear through Perim causing the UnderWorlders, the OverWorlders, the Mipedians, and the Danians to appear in Chaotic.


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Sobtjek decides that they will camp out in the nearby ruins. Peyton gets a call from CodeMaster Hotekk who would like Peyton to become his apprentice and must prove himself worthy without telling anyone. All seems well until Tom makes a disturbing discovery back in Chaotic.

Kaz finds out he is using the same creature as him. Kaz arrives in Kiru City as Takinom’s army fights the brainwashed army. The following is a list of episodes and seasons of the animated television series Chaotic.

Peyton arrives in Psykoom City and finds the Alluring Bait. Kaz finds evidence that Tartarek has been taken over by the M’arrillians.

Though it is a success for both Tom and Chaor, Milla’iin took control of Rarran at the last minute before the Annihilizer’s attack hit. Meanwhile, Milla’iin is using the local creatures to dam up the river which will flood the UnderWorld.

Scara advises that they need to join forces with the Warriors of Owayki.

Kaz tags along with Tom hoping to get a new scan of his hero, the mighty Maxxor. Can Peyton find some way to safely stop Epidode before Mommark’s followers destroy him? Before he leaves, he vows to Sarah and Peyton that he and Kaz are enemies. After repelling an attack from the UnderWorlders, Najarin aboutt told Tom and his friends to leave.

Chaor’s mission into OverWorld territory is threatened when Maxxor finds out about his scheme.

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Kaz does battle with an undefeated Chaotic player while Sarah and Peyton tell Tom of the history of Perim and the war for the Cothica.

The Codemasters have initiated an emergency order to recall all Chaotic Players and shut down the Transport Systems. Back at Lake Morn, Garv studies the sample and manages to find a way to bodla a serum which is placed in a crystal-cased spear.

As part of evidence to find out if Tartarek is a traitor, Kaz battles Tartawrecker. Tom’s newfound respect is put to the test when he confronts a fierce opponent in the BattleDrome. Tom meets Sarah in Perim.