I think if this episode had been allotted two hours instead of one, it would have been even better Do realise that it was to add to already the unsub’s already unsettling character, but he was that much already without it. Juliet Landau as Catherine Heathridge. When a series of murders in San Francisco are believed to be the work of the infamous Zodiac Killer , the BAU must determine whether the crimes were committed by a copycat or if the Zodiac really has returned. There was no tension, no suspense, and very little action — except for the wonderfully choreographed fight scene between Hotch and James at the end. Retrieved February 28,

At Home With Amy Sedaris. Dutton guest-starred as Tony Cole, Jimmy’s boxing trainer. In the episode “Painless”, Eric Jungmann guest-starred as Robert Adams, a survivor of a high school shooting who copied the murders committed by Randy Slade. What I did like about the episode was great acting, all around, from the cast and the guests. Whe two men are bludgeoned to death in Philadelphia , the BAU suspects the killer may be connected to the city’s boxing scene. Georgia Dolenz as Alice Pritchard.

He makes sure that she is completely dependent on him and that she has no one else to turn to, no friends, no contact with people at school. I would have loved to have had more tension, more suspense.

View All Photos 3. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Retrieved February 9, Retrieved April 10, This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat When two young women are blinded with sulfuric acid in Durant, Oklahomathe BAU searches crminal a killer determined to get back at someone from his past. When seven people are killed at an Internet security firm in Charlottesville, Virginiathe BAU investigates only to suspect that the casst is much more than a typical mass murderer.


Chase Mouser as Young James. Actually felt rather sorry for Lara. She was bound to a hospital bed, dressed in Renaissance type clothing, and her face was powdered white.

The script is suspenseful and thought-provoking, with wonderfully twisted storybook-like dialogue between Catherine and James and Garcia bringing some welcome and expertly interwoven light-hearted levity to the episode, the highlight being “and it’s not just a bunch of nerds in costumes eating turkey legs, you guys”. James Heathridge Madeleine Martin Gary Brintz as Bartender. List of Criminal Minds episodes. Meanwhile, JJ juggles searching for the killer and dealing with tensions on the home front.

Vanessa Branch guest-starred as Curtis’ wife, Teri. Retrieved December 13, In the episode “Proof”, Andy Milder guest-starred as Ben Bradstone, a mentally challenged serial killer who removes his victims’ five senses with sulfuric crimjnal.

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As the BAU team continues to pursue the bank-robbing serial killers, the team determines that the suspects, particularly the female Tricia Helfer and her secret partner, have a bigger target in the Nation’s capital; and with one of the team still a hostage, they must work quickly to defuse an explosive situation. Lara knows she will die and begs James not to sew her into the poisoned dress. When Morgan’s sister is injured while chasing a woman who looks like their dead cousin, the BAU reopens the investigation into her disappearance.


Derek Morgan Matthew Gray Gubler Episode Info Ritualistic murders in Oregon are investigated. Retrieved May 15, TV by manro Numbers.

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Meanwhile, Hotch grows concerned after learning that Jack is being bullied and Morgan and Reid engage in a prank war. Retrieved October 4, Newer Post Older Post Home. At Home With Amy Sedaris. Loved “The Tribe” mention. Sarah Gammon Georgia Dolenz Retrieved November 15, Search for ” Heathridge Manor ” on Amazon.

Rossi and the team present mamor of the longest-tenured serial killer cases to college students in Seattle, and they take the class through a nearly 20 year chase for the murderer. crominal