Is this inexperience, or arrogance? He tried using Rara as a buffer when Shunji went to confront him at the Angel Club, but he might have made things a little worse. Kang-to to the silent rescue. In a way, I feel like the plot is moving forward, and not moving at all at the same time. Leave a comment Comments 5. Lemontda on Heartless City Episode 20 Reca….

Alll the men and even the women in Gaksital frowned. New electoral organizer of the UNP for Negombo, Parliamentarian Kavinda Jayawardena assumed duties today at the party office and it was reported that the former organizer, local government representative Royce Fernando distributed handouts against this Also, joo won’s frowned starts to annoy me. Shunji makes his way toward him. I think he also shot some of the VIP guests. Gaksital is still too fast for him and other guests of the party end up caught in the line of fire instead. Whoops, that pokes a hole in his cover. We hereby declare that we do not host any videos on our site and our site contains automatically generated and managed links or pointers to videos hosted by above mentioned public video hosting sites.

Only because watching Kang-to freak out when he thinks they know his identity is so awesome: Or does she think he lives in the forest, like a wood sprite? So to have the event ruined would somewhat irk the Japanese government. She offers to do the job originally meant for Comrade Park and the man finally relents.

And lots of that there were.

Bridal Mask: Episode 13 | puddingpost

Thanks for the recap JB! While the drama spent scant time to flesh out Lee Gang To’s choice to become a dameari Gaksital, one could argue that it was intuitably logical.

It’s reasonable that Kang To would be suspected with all of his disappearances and whatnot. Kenji had died for the family’s cause and Japan’swhereas Shunji himself had never actively aligned himself with his family and always avoided his duty as a Japanese and as a Kimura especially. But that reference is weak. He leaves epixode with a cold warning: Episode 11 Bridal Mask: Koiso bursts in to report that the armory has been raided. If so, the writers will have to flesh that out of Shunji.


Get your head in the game, Kimura! The drama has become formulaic and predictive. July 11, at 9: He leaves with a last glance towards her through the car. Better to stab in fronts than backs, and all. She’s the adopted daughter of the organization’s chairman.

This reminds me of Lee Kang To of yore yet also highlights the difference between the two even more! In case there are any of you who haven’t watched it.

Shunji hurries out, heading to Angels Club. Maybe Kimura and sons have some genetic eyesight problem. I still like Gaksital, and will continue watching: Please writers, give his character enough depth to make him more human. This is a really intense episode.

Are there any other tall people in Gyeongseong? Shunji dashes off to check up on his suspicions.

Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 13 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

How many times can we watch people scratching their heads at Clark Kent running in just after Superman leaves and not roll our eyes? NBF July 12, at 9: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. With this excuse, Kang-to has found a way to warn Damsari while playing dumb, and the spies perk up their ears. Now she understands why he tried to assassinate Kang-to; eliminating Kang-to improves chances of a clean escape.

To keep dam sari and his partner safer? Don’t the Imperial Police require range re-certification or something because that whole family can’t shoot a lick! Mention of mourning clothes jogs his memory, though, and he recognizes her as that gisaeng. Here in Gaksital, it’s both. When she hears his riding away, she runs after him, watching him go and Kang To turns back, watching her stand there.


The disappointment and jealousy change him even more as he has no way to return to. That would have been very helpful in this episode, I think.

Episode #1.13

I like the action scenes, and I like the Kangto versus Shunji rivalry, but I do find the plot has become kind of repetitive. Shaa Fm Valentines Beach Party Ah, are you trying to warn him?

Maya July 11, at 9: I’M dreading the day when Mok dan finds out her first love episoe Kang to. She wonders if Kang To did recognize him but he tells her he came to warn the Countess and Count about the impending danger. Email required Address never made public. And I have to add that I love seeing scenes with either Baek Gun or the bodyguard guy.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. There are a lot of hotties in this show. But now with his noticeable absence and his entanglement with Damsari, plus him not recognizing Damsari during the security check would just draw more and more attentions toward him.