Luckily, that changed toward the end, and the book sucked me in completely. Almost every character seems to have been “played”. One of the many things I appreciate about this series is, so far at least, when the author devastates his readers in one book he switches the focus in the next, allowing us to recover our equilibrium…though not completely. Why the change of hearts!? Karsa, to me, is the weakest link Malazan Book of the Fallen series has to offer. In questo quadro ci sono poche pedine non allineate.

Karsa Orlong, fiero condottiero scelto dagli Dei per una missione che li liberi. Overall, it was an easier read than Memories of Ice, but it did not have near the emotional impact as Memories of Ice. Too bad he does inadvertently play into the Crippled God’s hands. The addition of Karsa to the long list of characters was well executed. Erikson of being brief. The genre is Fantasy and the multifarious story takes place in a non-technological age with the use of magic involving many different peoples.

Karsa, to me, is the weakest link Malazan Book of the Fallen series has to offer. Well worth your time.

In terms of pacing, the first portion of the book definitely grabbed my attention more than the back half, especially all of the machinations in Sha’ik’s camp; really muddled the mixture in my view. It is so in this book as well. To be honest, this was well-written, but the end is nearly so anticlimactic that it kinda put me off the series for a bit.

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How he does it???? I also found it confusing the way people’s names changed and the fact that there is now a Felisin the younger. There were a number of bright spots in it, however, especially and my favourite Karsa’s development through Book One of the novel and his character in general.


I’ve got a fever The Tiste Lisaons were also a bit of a mystery to me. Those first pages explore the culture of the attackers, explain the reasons for their actions.

Coltaine from the Wickans! My list of badasses! Plus, he seems to be an invincible character, winning any fight and surviving any injury no matter what. Le catene che avvolgono Karsa agli spiriti dei morti che ha ucciso, le catene che Felisin ha stretto intorno a Heboric, le catene che legano le due sorelle per la morte, le catene fisiche provate da Karsa e Leoman….

Refresh and try again.

It took me a while to figure out that she is a new character, the original Felisin’s newly adopted daughter. Like I said, this is a good book, but that’s all it is. This story is so large and complex with a huge number of different storylines running at the same time that I sometimes had difficulty following them all.

The addition of Karsa to the long list of characters was well executed.

The Whirlwind rages at its most revanda. And he’s an unrepentant, unchanging arsehole the entire time. Driven by their own moral codes; mystery, spiritualism and connection with the nature their mantra. Cuz the guy is also an asshole!

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However, Karsa ended up being one of my favorite parts of the book because of his spectacular character development and dramz pivotal he became to the overall story. And I think there is a love scene! Wealth and stupidity as per usual goes hand in hand.


If you a dude! They weren’t as fluent as I’m used to reading from this man, and sometimes they felt too convenient for the plot and story to move forward and it felt like he was leading me with a carrot on the end of a stick. Lostara looks at her at the end and wonders why just looking at her break her heart Other books in the series. Drams don’t think I would’ve appreciated to stay in the company of the Bridgeburners right away.

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But at the same time, this is fantasy as it should be at least in theory and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy reading it. By the end I no longer dreaded getting to their parts as I did in the beginning. Want totapa Read Currently Reading Read.

She recognized that nobody should have that much of a power, so she decided to do something about it. Why, you duck of course. After we finish introducing ourselves with Totsla, we get back to that much dreaded for readers after the second book Deadhouse Gates – Seven Cities and Raraku Desert. So here’s a thing; I really like Erikson’s convoluted plots, that he refuses to hold your hand explaining.