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Yoon-hee leads the students to the palace, where they chant for Sun-joon to be set free, and plead their case to the king. I had wondered when watching the drama why the soldiers had come so late to the centre room. Hate that we’re seeing him in heartbreak. Abuse of the TV. Yoon-hee and Yong-ha take turns looking him up and down and it makes him so uncomfortable that he squirms. The storyline seems interesting, it’s a rom-com that i would love to watch. D November 10, at

Youth Scandal – Lee Min Young Lee Dal Hyung Supporting Cast.

I loved the Jae Shin-Yoon Hee interactions in this episode and how it kinda showed how this relationship has passed. Drawing You – Yongjun Not a fan of Jung Da Young and also I’m not familiar with her as an actress so it’s no regret that she’s denied the role in turn for Park Min Young, whose a true beauty.

This is obviously not what he had expected Yong-ha to do. What do you expect Seon-joon to say?

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

In all honesty, micky yoochun should continue doing dramas. Thankfully for Seon-joon, the school servants appear to remind them that it is almost time for curfew. How long was he planning to keep up the charade with his fancy clothes? The rest of J4 scatter the notes that Jae-shin has written, which basically declare that the real messenger is still at large and that Seon-joon is not the culprit.


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Off Jae-shin and Yoon-hee go, the latter an excited bundle of nerves as she babbles about Seon-joon, Seon-joon and Seon-joon. He was unable to sleep the night before the filming and he felt nervous while preparing for the first session of filming.

However, Daddy Moon needs time to stew in this sudden revelation.

Yoon-hee awesomely refuses to be cowed and reiterates her position: Posted June 8, D i’m holding off Mary’s one till sub for ep 2 is released! OMG i am this site everyday for the update Sungkyunkwan Scandal Volunteer Team.

Yoochun, from the popular Korean group ‘TVXQ’ who recently announced their sscandal, was selected to star in the Korean drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, as announced by the public relations office on the 7th. I could go on and on. Rescue Boyfriends that night, their only hiccup being that Yong-ha is decidedly unhappy in plain black clothes. But anyway, I watched this episode a long time ago already, and the last one. The four casts are superb!!!!! Outside, Yong-ha catches up to Jae-shin, sighing at his hopeless lovelorn friend.

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Episode 5 Full Episode S 1: Love the cajones on this girl. Thank you for the news and picture sungkyjnkwan. Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast. Poor Jae-shin seethes in impotent frustration. Soo Ae November 11, at 6: Arrrrr, that was too short!


Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast.

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Sorry, your blog episove share posts by email. But because they made it their own, they create depth to their characters. How can they take their word that Seon-joon is not the Hong Byuk Seo? This was a fantastic episode all round. Thanks for your comment.

Posted Sczndal 2, So cut him some slack and let him hug you, dude. Kim Young Bae Supporting Cast. Yoochun will play the grandson of a powerful noble family, Lee Son Jun, who is troubled by the love he has for Kim Yoonhee, who disguises herself as a man. PMY YAI and SJK were very good far outshining MYC who was stiff in ealier episodes but pretty decent in second half of the series though there were times when i wished the lead was some other actor …… overall it was a fun ride…….

The captain advances upon our half-dead hero but is interrupted by his men before he can finish him off.

This is all new to me and the Kdrama world is adding joy to my day. Jae-shin, on the other hand, is one sword away from becoming a human shish kebab.

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