Aslo agrees to help Edward, and he manages to kill Silas, but while breaking Edward out, Aslo is slain by the White Bitch. Ricardo Gil as Oompa Loompa. Jack is then stabbed by the White Bitch as the magic crystal is thrown in the ocean and grows, putting the Bitch’s plan in motion. Jon Simanton as Oompa Loompa. The movie is so bad, it almost makes me want to give up on living. In the last scene, Willy Wonka, instead of Borat, comes in and says:

Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator: What is the song called at the end of the trailer? The makers of Epic Movie have just discovered the existence of urine, vomit and pimples, and declared them hilarious. Edit Did You Know? Willy Crispin Glover reveals his plot to use them all as a special ingredient in his treats. The acting was really amateur, Jennifer Coolidge and Carmen Electra get my vote as the worst actresses in the movie, and believe me that is not saying much. The four are then crushed by the wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Sabi Dorr as Blacksmith.

There is a slightly extended scene of a man jogging with large genitals. Edit Storyline Four troubled orphans from four separate movie scenarios who are bound together in a wacky chocolate factory after receiving golden tickets to go on an ‘epic adventure. Lauren Conrad as Lauren Conrad. It seems that the wondrous fantasy land has recently fallen under the spell of the evil White Bitch Jennifer Coolidgeand in order to bring peace back to Gnarnia these four bumbling mortals will have to join forces with a charismatic pirate, a painfully sincere group of aspiring wizards, and one particularly libidinous lion.


A crude comedy with nothing new or insightful to say about the subjects it satirizes.

Learn more More Like This. The only thing that made it slightly watchable was vietsuv wide range of movie references, which a major movie-buff like me could appreciate on some level although only due to the dpic amusement found in the recognition factors, as opposed to any real comical value.

Steinberg as Oompa Loompa. This is the story of gnafnia orphans brought together by fate. Jennifer Coolidge as White Bitch. I’m not trying to sound harsh, Viftsub am just trying to explain as much as I can what I feel about the movie. Movie Info Scary Movie screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer join forces to parody the “biggest” movies ever to hit the silver screen in this comedy that gives such popular box-office hits as Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Narnia: Brennan Thomas as Woodsman.

The humour just isn’t funny. Mike Murga as Oompa Loompa. White Bitch Jayma Mays If there’s a gun, you’ll probably blow your brains out. Carmen Electra as Mystique. Adam Campbell as Peter. Log in with Facebook. However, avoid this one at all costs; you’ll be glad you did. Raunchy blockbuster spoof is over the top, dumb. This is the story of four orphans brought together by fate.

I hated this film, and I think it’s one of the worst comedies ever put on film. Maybe that’s slightly extreme, but try to watch this movie and you’ll see what I mean.


The movie is so bad, it almost makes me want to give up on living. Lucy getting her tongue stuck to a metal pole Borat: Sucks like a black hole. Just obvious, lowbrow, and immature humor at its worst. Man With a Plan. Views Read Edit View history.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. George Alvarez as Ron. Roscoe Lee Browne as Narrator. Maybe these movies are popular, but it seems they just keep getting more inane with each variation on the theme.

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There are absolutely no redeeming qualities here. Already have an account? Works of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Kal Penn as Edward. Brian O’Connor as Band Epid.

I’m just glad I didn’t pay to see it, and I feel truly sorry for those who did. I Am the Night.

Epic Movie

Tumnus makes a thumbs-up gesture. Jon Simanton as Oompa Loompa. Griffo as Oompa Loompa.

Goofs at around 1h 10 mins When the White Bitch is playing “Ms. Edward escapes with the assistance of Captain Jack Swallows Darrell Hammondonly to find out it was a ruse as Jack, the Bitch’s old enemy, needs intelligence out of Edward.