And after 26 episodes, Chae Si-ra still continues to develop her character, giving her even more depth with her new conflict finding out Ji-ho is her lost child and the intense hatred she harbors for him. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Mary of Bethany January 30, at 8: I see where you come from, but I up the ante with Borderline Personality Disorder. I am just hoping she can maintain that in spite of what she saw at the end. Which also probably explains why this is the first time many of us have even noticed him. He begs his dead father for some sort of sign… any sign…. Or if there is now a pill for that.

Admonishing her for not leaving Gloria when he told her to the first time. In-ha Bot processing… processing… Yeong-rang walks the shopping mall with her management team and reminds them that it is the most profitable member of the Boosung Group. Ji-ho looks relieved, as he tells Yeong-rang there is no way someone as evil as she could ever be his real mother. Da-mi hears the truck engines starting up and runs out to confront the piano stealers! Jung-hoo lounges around the club until two thugs arrive to take care of him. I want to go back to Jung Hoo’s attempt at finding the real him. I recently started sons of sol pharmacy and well, ji Chang wook’s character couldn’t be more different from Healer.

Mary of Bethany January 28, at 3: Jen January 28, at 1: Unless they can find alternative funding fast, the creditors will force Booseong into liquidation. Unless, of course, if she will be able to see things in a larger perspective or in the light of past accidents — that someone is behind every tragic death and that the truth is bent in such a way that justice loses its way back.

This drama shows the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.

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Even though she trusts him, I am sure there is a load of angst on next episode! I am not sure who else is considered an A-lister in their age group. She should know he doesn’t kill. He holds his own despite being vastly dramacrazyy and then a car pulls up and a man steps out wielding a heavy metal pipe.


In-ha wants to know if she came to see him crash-and-burn like this, then she should leave and attend the Gloria Recital instead. If they do not come up with the money to cover the promissory notes, then the bankruptcy will go through. Looking rather shaken, Yeong-rang tries dramarazy change the subject but In-ha continues to twist the knife by saying if he lost Boosung to Ji-ho, it would be like killing his father all over again. EvilStep surmises this was the first time she was ever beaten by a dead man.

The way the fairy left the woodcutter in the old tale when she found out the truth. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it kekeke. I know he is a great guy and stuff and he is good intentioned, but could you please tell her the whole truth about how he suspects his brother is involved in the murders and deaths of their fathers and how there is this damn character, the elder who is playing with them in the background?

Five Fingers Episode 27

I hope they will be able to sell Healer overseas and make profit Get those Bugs Bunny jokes all lined up, folks… Also at Moon-shik takes Young-shin to Jeil Newspaper, and his string of praise for her recent work is puzzling, since her recent work stained his name and all. Totally agree with you there!

Stop blaming him for your wounds. Koala also cited Empress Ki epiaode another example of casting veteran leading man as 2nd lead against Ji Chang Wook.

We are getting together to make our video. JCW can emote so well with just his eyes, without saying anything or doing any moves.

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But a video made by fans could get their attention and at least make them laugh: Set up home againwith a woman who actually tried to burn me alive in my own house? Yeong-rang says she cannot suddenly develop motherly feelings for her worst enemy, as Drajacrazy asks if she is going to continue to hate him still knowing Ji-ho is her son?


I came around to him only when he started being as uncle to Jung Hoo and caring about him. By faye Started December 1, Give the girl some credit for being able to process hard-to-stomach info.

Their projects have stopped because of lack of money, and if they do not come up with the money ASAP, Boosung will have to file for bankruptcy! Jung Hoo made himself totally vulnerable to Young Shin. Little did I know that I would be this obsessed and possessed by this incredibly written fihgers well acted show. She shakes her head clear, gets out of bed, and starts picking up the mess. Woman, the child has nothing to do with the man you hated.

Ji-ho aw shucks that off, saying he thanks his Adoring Public for waiting too long. I too, see only Jung Hoo.

(Recap) “Five Fingers” Episode 27 – Scotch and Asparagus

He fingrrs more reason eplsode hate Moon Shik than anyone else. So there is no need for Young Shin to believe or suspect the worst. I wonder why DramaFever didn’t show this one. Mary Bethany January 29, at 7: Birth Secrets are out in full-force now, with the resulting carnage just beginning to appear. That over there is where we know someone brought down the gauntlet that killed two of the friends, maimed the other one, and conquered the soul of the last one.

So he’s already destroyed – even though the aftermath hasn’t hit him yet.