Lee Chung-Ah does not look like an ahjumma. One guess what that is. Can’t wait to watch it! Eun-bi has a lot to learn about matters of the heart and how quickly they can change, while Chi-soo has yet to actually fall in love for the first time. Thanks so much for the recap. Episodes by odilettante. But then he hands her the envelope first. Come to think of it..

Kang-hyuk is considerate, can cook, is sweet, charming and not to mention has a great smile. What the fuck is that kind of logic? Note that this age is in Western years. Alvina November 8, at 9: Ani November 8, at 8: Kj06 December 15, at

Love, love it that he has to experience this early on in the drama. He dotes over her and asks her to call him oppa, ready to move mountains for her in return. Voting closes on Dec 15, recsp I think it’s more of an issue with foreign fans because in Korea plastic surgery is huge. And your narrative is just as adorable!

Eun Chan’s sister on Coffee Prince She has a strong resemblance to the girl. I pity him, coz obviously he did not grow knowing the things that would make a person a person.

And finally, Chi-Soo comes in too, smiriking, and making Eun-Bi embarassed and uncomfortable. After Chi-Soo leaving, Eun-Bi notices a man in the gym hall sleeping, and wakes him foower, scared.

Oh I am so watching peisode drama! First impresssion, from this and previous “Temptation of Wolves” is that she has a weak jawline Thanks Javabeans for the recap!

And seriously, if he keeps touching his lower lip like that I am so glad that something light and fluffy has come along. This is your chance to shine!


She knows, all too well, and starts divulging a little too much of her own problems, about how hard it is to wait for reczp for two years, to call, counting the days. He gripes that Chi-soo just appeared and in one day, turned those two years to dust.

Shin Haido August 9, at 9: Meeting with Ajusshi, they seem pretty awkward. D I Love itt! The cartoon has had over 1.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Did you forget our agreement? She gets back to mopping, and then jumps back to discover a guy sleeping on the floor of the gym. I have never experienced this feeling episodd Dream High and My Princess where i wake up early in the morning to check your recaps of a drama and clicks on the refresh button like there is no tomorrow, keke! Thanks for the recap. Loved the part when the class on pause mode as he screaming and ramyuj to ‘his-chairman-Cha’ over the phone and only after he stormed out, it resumed to normal activity.

Father claims that her mother is right there, pointing at his heart. I already watched episodes 1 and 2 three times.

Or when you asked to date me? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

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fower Download the latest version here. This entry was posted on November 6, by yaenchi. Can’t wait till both episodes are out and subbed. Surprised, Eun-Bi asks back: And isn’t he just overly cute, handsome and all the adjectives you can come up with, kekeke. Dad offers to get the teacher fired, but Chi-soo peevishly tells Dad not to.


Please pull a Kim MinJong and do a switch up even it’s not with this, then some other drama People just use it subconsciously without paying any attention to the real meaning. D Arrogant brat, trying to fish his way into my heart. It also recorded a percent increase in viewership from the previous episode among to year-old men. He starts directing Chi-soo to his house, to the second cupboard, on the first shelf, in the silver pot… the hot ramyun Chi-soo sorely needs to warm his heart.

Despite Jung Il woo. Indeed, tapping foot, waiting impatiently for Episode 4; but, aargh, I can’t watch until this weekend! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

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They are so cute. The more the merrier Ani!!! I love his choice of words: