How are you going to explain all the indecent sounds from leaking outside?! Or maybe an invitation for a duel? Fushimi handed the kid the balloon and Touru and Miko were cheering how cool the two big brothers were excitedly. What can I say.. Pupils… you mean the kids Misaki: They have translated the read: In the first place, did the both of you really intend to wave your sword around or ride your skateboard around to fight in the bath all naked like this? Do you wanna hangout sometimes?

What were they teaching the kids? Sensei can you show us then? Haha, those fancy bars… not our style tho? Touru and Miko he was coaching come interrupting the good moment. Here, in response to inviting all of our underage boys or something , we have gathered a team of K boys-. You failed a lot in the practice back in middle school right? No wonder … This is the map he uses to pin hang out spots for his day offs. The drama CDs addresses this concern by spending around 20 minutes devoted to each pairing and there was quite a bit of sensitivity and vulnerability shown by some of the characters which I was pleasantly pleased to listen to.

Fushimi, you can play around without paying me any mind. Fushimi sighed and started to reminiscing the past when Yata started to learn skateboarding in middle school on that stunt Yata did.

Translation of Drama CD: Yata expected him to say that and he was almost going to confess … Touru and Miko he transslation coaching come interrupting the good moment. If there is one Drama CD you have to listen to, pick the one between Fushimi and Yata; the private moment between the two of them as they confronted their past was deeply moving. Fushimi Saruhiko and Yata Misaki dl only. Feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong.


Just gimme this ball already… Maro: Also, my brother might be getting this for Christmas… shh…. He decided to put pictures of the people around him onto his puzzles.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Touru and Miko he was coaching come interrupting the good moment. But that came in handy! In the first place, entering the bath with all these random people. Why do I have to enter the stupid bath being all friendly-friendly with Saru fushkmi all people?!

Yatogami Kuroh and Isana Yashiro dl only. A roundup of the latest Japanese words and phrases fusshimi made a splash inas chosen by dictionary publishers.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Must be the result of some punishment game. By the way, I am going to join a skateboard competition recently. Fushimi was commenting that there are other people like Doumyouji hanging out here. The name is Maro.

Since Mikoto-san and the rest are at the other gathering party. So, shall we head to the other gathering party now? SoundCloud music an alchemist. Oi, wait right there!!

Why the hell would I show you guys this useless- useless. The previous colorless king.

K Trading Drama CD Collection | Fudanshi Haven

Why fuushimi you suddenly butting in?! The good folks at september scanlations have managed to get their hands on the K Project Trading CDs which at this particular time, is currently exclusive and sold only at the Animate Girls Festival practically one of the biggest fujoshi gatherings in the world at one time. His sword of damocles. Yata retorted that he used to try and teach Fushimi but in the end Fushimi did not even bother to try learning.


This adverb comes into play when people want to stress how vigorously they perform an action. By continuing to use this website, drrama agree to their use. The hint to do a perfect end-walk, you gotta understand the concept where you should use your waist to put the core of your body a bit forward! My edits can be used icons or headers as long as I am credited. Where are your clothes? And by the way who is the real Snow White and where is the prince XD!!!

Translated again by fabulous yumegasaki Enjoy. Fushimi realized he had wasted too much time and he needed to go back to work and Yata sounded disappointed and he frowned at how much work Fushimi said he was doing. What can I say. Yata understood and got Fushimi to join him to help.

This here is a beloved memento passed down fushiim me from Ichigen-sama, the renowned sword, Kotowari. No doubt Ichigen-sama would be enjoying a nice drink and a good conversation with Shiro right now. Not a spoiler-free blog. Since a long time ago.

(K RoK Animate Lotto Drama CD)

Or maybe an invitation for a duel? They led Yata and Fushimi to a tree where a balloon was stuck. First things first, I gotta make them lower their guard… No peculiarities in the backyard.

Sharing Table subs text trans. Totsuka-san had also prepared a ton of games for the gathering. This is a pressure double flip from ollie! Notify me of new comments via email.