Captain Nemat, their chief, tries to persuade the IMDb user rating average 1 1. Saturday’s Hunter 90 min Drama, War 6. His sister Aghdas is pregnant and her husband is away in Kuwait, so they Although Yalda loves Rouzbeh very much but she begins to doubt her Forbidden Fruit — 60 min Drama, Family 6. The Postman min Drama 7.

The body of an English man who is been killed with a scythe is found in the Bakhtiary’s area. While he’s there, the cow dies and now the villagers are afraid of his possible reaction to it when he returns. The Mandrake min Drama, Mystery 7. Not Rated min Drama. Captain Khorshid min Crime, Drama 7. Farhan is a new arriver in the port. Ali’s land which he inherited is usurped by his aunt. Maskhare Baz Comedy, Crime, Fantasy 5.

He sells flowers for living but one night outside the city he meets a strange woman who seems to running away from some people.

Mohamad Ali Najafi Stars: In this comedy set in premodern Iran Mirza Norooz is a pharmacist who is unwilling to discard his old worn-out shoes and buy new ones.

In winter a young guy Esmaeil episore forced to go to the city to get the medicines of his father. Maskhare Baz Comedy, Crime, Fantasy 5. The Silent King History 4.


Khaje Majed informs the authorities about Captain Khorshid smuggling with his ship. Ahmad Reza Mo’tamedi Stars: The film’s plot focuses on a boy and his grandfather, who execute Arab civilians in order to steal their land.

After release he is told that things are just as they Davoud Hayee lives with his father Rahman who is the custodian of a small company and his disabled brother Ne’mat. Hamsayeha the Neighbours — Family 5. Manfered is an agent who would introduce Danesh to a famous director if he collects enough long hairs to be used as wigs.

Dozd o nevisande 5. In Tehran during first world war a group of patriots make a punishment committee to punish the traitors. Iran Burger min Comedy, Drama, Family 4.

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The authorities take the smuggling and burn it. The teacher of the village and another youngster Rahman too come with him.

Hezardastan min Action, Drama, History 8. Not Rated min Drama. Postchi se bar dar nemizanad Mystery, Thriller 5.

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A man from village goes to city, to find a job and marry a wife. Pouria Heidary Oureh Stars: Gholam Hossein Taheridoost Stars: The Custodian min Drama 7. The Cycle min Drama 7.

Aftab neshinha 4. Mohamad Reza Aalami Stars: Tale of the Sea 97 min Drama 5. Iron Island Not Rated 90 min Drama 7. Riyadh, an old hand fighter and terrorist mufti, breaks his repentance and seeks vengeance against those violated his wife. Rouzbeh’s health getting worse and they should hospitalize him. Gohar Kheirandish a Filmography Biography 8. Although all the evidences proves that his son is dead and everyone believe so, he The Cow Not Rated min Drama 8.


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A corrupt, six-fingered detective is sent to recruit a retired assassin now living a secluded life as a calligrapher to assassinate a prominent government official known as Hezardastan who has stolen jewels from a member of the royal family.

Emperor of Hell Drama 6. Khoda Morad whose job is making stony yaye with another man Kohyar bury the body. The Postman min Drama 7. This causes the people in his town to ridicule him and Parviz Sheikh Tadi Stars: