BBCode “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone”. He’s wearing Chrollo’s earring and he didn’t even know about the Chimera Ant situation. D So hilarious as usual XD Rating the hunters. At least we got some Kurapika. I loved the new opening, it was hype as fuck: Oh shit this was awesome!!!

Preview Manga Manga Store. Can’t wait for the hilarious Leorio moments up ahead. I missed the crazy bastard. The visuals in the new OP is awesome. I’m pretty sad about this This is a short arc, I understand that they rather spend that money on other things. BBCode “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone”.

Pariston’s chin is annoying btw. Opening video is nice.

Hunter X Hunter

The op is full of feels Hope they will not keep it if the anime continues after a few years when the manga wraps up. Z OP is amazing: Hisoka fighting the ants would have been awesome to see.

The new OP looks awesome.

Hunter x Hunter Episode Discussion. I definitely did after seeing Gotoh again.


Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 137 Discussion

Love that shot of Gotoh in the OP, awesome that he got the most badass moment in the entire sequence! This arc already has a lot of characters the Zodiacs and I’m liking the diversity of episodd roles. Pariston smiling and grinning with sparkles! And the OP sequence itself looks really good, not so spoiler-y but still gives the viewer an idea episoed what they’ll be seeing.

The ed is is nice, but not as good as the op and let’s not forget that completely depressing group photo at the end. Not the me who believes in you. Why didn’t Netero call the Zodiacs to help fight the Ants? Missed you for real. Can’t wait to see Leorio and Kurapika hunterr and see what they have been doing. I’m used to Departure at this point. Not in the you who believes in me. The main 4, looking for the future, what it holds, this is the HxH I love after all.


Believe in the you who believes in yourself.

Not too long of a wait now: After the most dense and dark atmospher is over, why change it? Pariston is the best, Mizaistom is cool too: D Ofc the OP is the same. Hisoka ranking three Zodiacs and giving 90 at best!

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Or maybe they’re just my fave characters. The visuals in the new OP is awesome. So, no new ending Thanks a lot Madhouse.

I missed him so much: Togashi’s art is better. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: From what I can see they did, and it’s pretty much pure hype.