Ancora non li ho mandati, scusate. Stasera te li mando, se dovessi dimenticarmene ricordamelo qui o via Facebook. Li dovresti trovare nella tua casella di posta elettronica. Thanks to your fine work, the non-Italian speakers can enjoy this great comedy to the fullest! How did you get to know these three films and why would you want to see the third one subtitled, that one is atrocious! Notify me of new posts via email. Grazie mille, vi sono grato!

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Considering your name and email address I wrote to you in Italian. They are really worth your time. Potrebbe gentilmente inviarmi i sottotitoli in inglese per il film? I think that the characters is well represent by the scene of minestrone. Another cult masterpiece, crossover between a police movie and a slapstick Italian comedy of errors. A volte credo che sia la mia che abbia problemi in uscita.

They fail, but they keep trying.

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Sapete per caso dove posso trovare dei sottotitoli decenti anche per il primo Fantozzi? We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Voglio far conoscere fantozzi alla mia ragazza straniera. Potrei avere i sottotitoli? Considering your name and email address I wrote to you in Italian. Vorrei tanto vedere questo film con loro. Thank you very much and look forward your email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Feel free to post in the comments below what is your personal connection with Fantozzi and his movies, and what is their relevance for you.

Which also happens to be absolutely hilarious. No, li ho chiesti ma non me li hai mai mandati — o, per lo meno, non li ho mai ricevuti. Through his work he has been some kind of a father figure for me and many of my generation, and his passing not completely unexpected: This was my very personal homage to Paolo Villaggio and his characters.


Thank you for reading it: Innanzitutto grazie per il lavoro di traduzione che hai fatto, mi chiedevo se fosse possibile avere i sottotitoli?

Hi, Could you send me your sub to my email. HD-quality versions are englisu available. Mandi ancora i sottotitoli su richiesta? A visionary, political thinker and great all-round artist: Wow, non sapevo fosse doppiato in germania. Se puoi mandarmi i sottotitoli inglesi mi faresti un gran favore!

Avete ancora il file con i sottotitoli? More Top Movies Trailers. And once again, he was bringing this to the scenes in the middle of the 70s: The saga counts 10 films all together the last released inbut the almost unanimous consensus is that the most valuable are the first two maybe three, depending who you ask.

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi () subtitles

SalveI would love to show the movie to my son and have him understand the jokes Grazie Mishou. Ciao, sono ancora disponibili i sottotitoli? His suffering is our sufferinghis exaggerated misfortunes are also our daily tribulations in life. Sarei interessato a ricevere il file con i sottotitoli. Could you send them to me please? Posso avere i sottotitoli in inglese? So, well… I decided to do exactly the same.

Have you watched the movies? Non vi preoccupate, sto benissimo! He worked with some of the biggest names in the Italian cinema, including Monicelli, Comencini and Fellini. Te li ho rimandati, dimmi se adesso ti sono arrivati. How I answered a spam email again and solved all my problems — To say nothing of the cat.


“Il Secondo Tragico Fantozzi” – English subtitles available | Doppiaggi italioti

Ciao, potresti nviarmi anche a me una email per I sottotitoli? Vorrei fare vedere Fantozzi, ma i miei studenti non avranno un livello sufficiente per guardare senza sottotitoli.

E per caso ha mica anche qualche altro sottotitolo, in inglese, della saga? And what about Geometra Filini? I have always lost, everything! Puoi mandarci i sottotitoli?? Hello, I first watched fantozzi and its sequel in Italy and its one of my favourite cult films.

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi subtitles

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Do you have subtitles for them all or at least for the first few? Need this Fantozzi movie series with English subtitles,thank you so much! Thank you very much for the subtitles! The stories are a concentrate of contemporary archetypes. Subtitle name Fantozzi – Il secondo tragico Sbutitles. Villaggio in one of his latest TV appearances.

Villaggio was playing two phisically identical characters: You will laugh, but seconod the end you will left wondering if the tears in your eyes are not something else entirely. Since there are not many sources in English even the wikipedia page is quite essentialI will write about the relevance of his work to an international audience.