She tells Khushi that as per the terms, she has to pay them if she breaches the contract. Has Khushi Kumari arrived? Payal shares her ideas for the fancy dress competition with Manorama. He refuses to admit that he bought the pair. He is horrified when he realises that Khushi is trapped in the building. Nand Kishore blames Arnav for getting caught. Meanwhile, Arnav and Khushi fight to sleep on their favourite side. Madhumati’s neighbours ask Arnav to repair their appliances, but he agrees to do so on the condition that Khushi will go back to Shantivan with him the next day.

In the morning, Anjali takes Khushi to the kitchen, to which Manorama objects. Enter your email address below. He refuses to believe her ‘fake’ stories. Peep show release date The crew trailer p download Mohanlal films songs free download Vampire diaries season 4 episode 1 damon Onyeoma cy nigerian movie Ramaiya vastavaiya telugu movie download online Robot wars trailer Number six actress Signs movie tagline Shugo chara doki episode 23 subbed Harkins 99th and mcdowell movies Site to download latest malayalam movies for free It always sunny season 9 episode 11 Indiana jones raiders of the lost ark full movie part 2 Neo tv live watch cricket The last action hero cast and crew Triple dog dare movie soundtrack Fable 3 the journey release date English subtitles french movies Soul hunter episode 12 dub Tamaar padaar malayalam movie download kickass Posters online singapore. Nanda Kishore plans to sneak out of the Raizada house to see Khushi at midnight. Their friends comfort them. Shyam hides a poisonous scorpion in a sweet box in a move to kill Anjali. Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm.


Everyone is shocked on seeing Arnav and Khushi as the newly-wed couple. Nani, however, insists Arnav to play Ranjha’s role. Lavanya leaves the house and Arnav asks Khushi to quit her job. The next morning, Manorama wakes up Lavanya and asks her attend the aarti.

Later, he sees Khushi shivering in cold weather and offers her a blanket. Madhumati pulls out her wedding dress for Khushi. Khushi waits for Arnav before having dinner, but she eats everything leaving Arnav hungry and starving. Meanwhile, Khushi is overwhelmed with Arnav’s apology.

Later, Shyam tries to steal Arnav’s locker key. Nani refuses to talk to Khushi. What should we add next? Later, Khushi is upset as she fails to buy any silver or gold on Dhanteras.

Arnav thinks Khushi is crying to gain his sympathy. To defeat Madhumati in the dance competition, Manorama mixes liquor in the juice.

Anjali feeds him and reassures Khushi, leaving her isspyaarkokyanaaamdoon guilty.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode rambles index

Manorama is intent on getting a rich daughter-in-law. Payal informs Anjali about Shashi’s condition.

Later, Nani introduces Shyam to Khushi’s family. Akash persuades Payal to come out with him to celebrate New Year.


What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 403

Shashi shows Shyam his driving licence and asks about the confusion over his date of birth. Later, Shyam hints Madhumati for Khushi and his marriage. Arnav tells Anjali that he sent Isspyaarkokyanamadoon to see her family. Naani on the other hand, approves of Arnav and Lavanya’s live-in relationship. Start Your Free Trial. Meanwhile, Shyam feels that Arnav has a plan against him.

Arnav has an argument with Nani and decides to leave the house. What do they want? Meanwhile, Payal and Akash get engaged in a grand function.

Akash drops Khushi at home. Shyam tries to get close to Khushi while dropping her home but she gets out of his car in the middle of the road. Will he win the challenge? Khushi makes Nani happy by telling her about her plans to make diyas. Arnav recalls his past epiaode Khushi and gets disturbed. While Lavanya forces Khushi to wear a wedding dress, Arnav humiliates Khushi again. She completes it and submits the reports on time.