Might as well enjoy yourself, before you drop dead! That which exists objectively and in fact. Going all over the state to get free paint samples, to paint your child’s room?! I just hope that everyone realizes the “apple polishing” the production companies do to make us look like a circus attraction. Do you think the husband listens to her? Anonymous August 5, at This show made me more uncomfortable then Hoarders or My Strange Addiction.

Sugabelly October 14, at We all know that free samples are a complimentary way to taste and decide what we want to purchase. I agree Anonymous – you will notice sugabelly hasn’t said any more? I still disagree with serving roadkill at the table with guests, but It is too bad that shows like this don’t have anything better to provide besides amusement There’s craft shops don’t produce that standard!

The woman who wanted her boyfriend to pee in a jar would rather live like an animal than spend money to flush a toilet or eat properly And why did they buy a ” trailer” with more bedrooms then they were going to use anyway??? Since when did it become acceptable to cheat a store owner out of his hard earned cash just so that you could smuggly avoid spending your own money?

Anonymous November 19, at I only saw the show with the Asian not oriental please! Now Reality TV is ruined for us As someone who works in the entertainment industry, I understand completely how a RTV show works and falters the actual “reality” of things, but sometimes if you’re smart enough then you see the truth behind it.

Why I Don’t Like Watching The Show “Extreme Cheapskates” | Penniless Parenting

Her apartment was just unacceptable. I watched a couple of episodes on Netflix. There is something wrong with haehimoto.


That was just gross. It’s not something I do on a regular basis. By using toilet paper you are dirtier, and more gross than Kate and the billions of other people in the world that actually wash themselves CLEAN with water after using the bathroom.

Anonymous November 21, at 7: We all know that free samples are a complimentary way to taste and decide what we want to purchase. If daughter did not want what the mom offered, daughter should work and save to afford the wedding she wants. I would be ashamed to do this when tp costs less than a dollar per roll.

I wrote up a complete behind-the-scenes article to explain further: And then he talked about it on TV? The guy actually had a fair amount of money; he even showed the camera his various bank accounts, and meanwhile he was lying to his wife and kids and saying he didn’t have money. But the underage Stodden seemed more interested in parading around in skimpy attire than improving the relationship with her husband. That poor shop owner is trying to keep his business afloat just like everyone else.

FYI, Sariah has tons of clothes and works and buys what she wants: Diedra March 31, at 4: Ray February 22, at 6: It’s one thing to urinate in the toilet a couple of times before you flush it, but flushing it once a week?

Glad to hear your children enjoyed it.

I get that the show is over dramatized, but thise people need help. Unknown December 6, at 4: So I am very cheap. This must be some form of obsessive compulsive behaviour, that requires psychological counselling.


Wouldn’t you chuckle, at least inwardly, if you saw a 13 year old girl walking down the street wearing that, and think that maybe there was something wrong with her?

12 dumbest reality show moments of 2012

The comment was meant to criticize our lifestyle as well as this country and they find every opportunity to jab at us. And you said it yourself, that they are not frugal, they are cheapskates, which you are proving the point of why this show exists.

Realize everyone what you think you see is probably not really what it appears to be. I think that people on this show should have their children removed. Also, having a dishwasher seems exreme a waste. Stop projecting your negative assumptions on others and watch with an open mind.

However, this show makes me feel uncomfortable with the way some people won’t spend the money. Anonymous March 22, at 2: And as I said, it doesnt use any extra detergent for the amount of clothes used each week. Anonymous November 14, at 4: Gabor Vajay November 2, at 4: He was hiding money from his family Why would you use disposable razors wayyyy too iate times and then make coffe with one of the most expensive machines and brands out there?

They’re not frugal- they’re cheapskates.