None other than Gou’s real husband Hidetada. So I’m thinking – so what? Posted April 16, Take a closer look and notice the white paved span over the ditch? Stand there and wait to die preferred default option by KBS historical dramas. That’s because if she let another concubine get pregnant, that pregnancy alone immediately elevates that woman to almost the same status as Atsuhime instantly, because any concubine who bears the heir for the shogun is given her own lavish quarters within the Ooku and thereafter is treated as the ‘mother’ of the next shogun. I mean, don’t the writers at some point, think of inserting her back into the storyline?

Start tap dancing or ballet so you become a moving target rather than a stationary one. Why, do the ones on whom a ‘trick’ or deceit is perpetrated say to the perpetrator, “How could you trick us like this? Take a closer look and notice the white paved span over the ditch? After making them wait for 24 hours, DD revealed his decision: Lie down flat on the ground and hope the arrows will fly over your back. Look here, we will make Damdeok want to go personally to get Damju but his generals will convince him otherwise. Let’s not make a big deal that he hasn’t been able to beat Damdeok so far, and many of his regular soldiers have been dropped regularly by DD’s forces.

However, adding to that Tokugawa family tree are also dozens more independent warlords who have sworn allegiance and loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogun.

An enemy general is in Damdeok’s office breathing the same air as DD and it doesn’t occur to the writers that this scenario is totally ridiculous? In the midst of mounting the rescue mission, guess who comes into Damdeok’s office to ask for Gorguryeo’s military help against the Beiwei?

A lowly female bodyguard 2. Stand there and wait to die preferred default option by KBS historical dramas B. In Gou the drama, Gou appointed her own sister Katsu as first overseer but it’s not supported by historical records.

Damju refuses to be involved and so MX takes Prince Huwang away from Damju and orders her confined within her quarters. The reason no other men could enter was to make sure that any child born there was the son of the shogun and no one else.

The Tokugawa family tree was exactly like what it says, a tree with lots of branches, conqudror and small.



As the mother of the heir and later, when he grew up, of the shogun, she could advise him as to what decisions to make and which courtiers and petitioners to favour.

By airplanegirl Started July 18, This family tree network that spread all over Japan meant that the Tokugawa warlords furthest away from Edo could still keep tabs on those other warlords planning to mount a rebellion – no warlord in his right mind would ever dare strike at Tokugawa by himself – it’d be like a dog going up against a lion – so rebel warlords need to form alliances, fellow minded warlords with the same ambition for power.

His word was final. All those dainty steps, whether slow or fast, is dictated by years of how it was gwanygaeto done by palace women.

Check out the high level of cartography map making skills of the Goguryeons Since you haven’t finished the series, I’ll stop here so your enjoyment won’t be lessened. Posted April 18, First off, this drama, as with most past sageuks, attracts higher viewership nationwide than in Seoul itself, though not by much. I think they should donqueror done the deed at least once and it may not have been on their wedding night but months later going by the peculiar Ooku traditions. I liked the actress though and I liked learning more about the Shogun era.

After DD conquered Baekje, Houyan remained as the only neighbor that was not singing praises for Damdeok.

At one point Ha-Ha Muji started guffawing himself and said to both envoys: Sign In Sign Up. Poor jumbo-ears Fengba found himself on the wrong side, again, attempting to defend the beleagured MB right to the end. Doyeong dies with an arrow to her abdomen 2.

And that’s why we will have to stretch our imagination and visualise DD with two wives, one on each side of him. To re-live freat of your favorite poignant moments from Atsuhime, here’s two tunes from its OST But the good part about this drama that i like is,at least there not much love story.

King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 45 English Sub [1/2]

Gen Yeon Salta, ex-commander of Damdeok’s elite Cheongun unit. And that’s why the Tokugawa Shogun has to be a man who is well-liked or at least trusted by these independent warlords. MX also tells Damju he has no regard for the son of the former emperor whom he thinks might try to take the throne one day. Posted April 23, However because this drama was written by two women, they took a different stance.


I’m just wondering since Damdeok now has a new wife, where the heck is Yakyeon? By Stephanie Lim Started July 10, This content has been removed by a moderator. Damju dies after several arrows in her back 3. Only a little bit,at the beginning where the king like kint prime minister daughter. I also liked getting more info about the inner workings of the Ooku. The average ratings for this drama Nationwide hovers around 4th-5th position and for Seoul 6th-8th, and has been steady since it kibg its run.

A REAL Damdeok would have immediately placed Fengba and his envoy delegation under arrest and send an email to Murong Xi telling him I have Houyan hostages and let’s do a hostage exchange – your top general for gwajggaeto sister. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If you’re a soldier being confronted by 50 or so archers, do you: Most women of the warrior class were adepts with the halberd, but the women of the inner palace were particularly formidable.

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And by extension, the very credibility of this drama. For a Houyan general to move around at will within Hte palace while his sister is being held hostage in Houyan is just plain stupidity on the part of the two writers.

Entire families including infants have to be killed if they are labelled as rebels or disloyal subjects. Even though Atsuhime is not that fresh in my memory compared to yours, I’ve tried to answer your questions in the spoiler box below: By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Fengba expectedly tells MX conquerod use the only thing left to pressure DD into changing his mind and ally himself with Houyan – Damju.

Do you know who set up the Ooku system of harem for the shogun? Gen Hwang, speaking and spitting saliva at the same time: