She is happy when learning that Aamir is coming but is sad when he tells her that he will not come because of his meeting. Her son comes when she goes and says her that why she was silent. Aiman Khan , Saife Hassan. Hussain is considered one of the top models in Pakistan. She gives Faisal a tea and asks her that she want a lawn three-piece suit but he refuses saying that he had done all things for a new apartment. Member feedback about Sarah Khan:

But he can never come in affair with someone and they are very funny friends doing mazaaks. But she loves both in intermediate limit, making sure that Ahmer should never think that she hates him. It is addressed to Arsalan and is sent by a woman called Farhana. Zhalay Sarhadi, also spelled Zille Sarhadi, Urdu: After the wedding, Seemi’s husband takes Seemi’s phone and locks her in the house as he goes to work. She stands in mirror and sees her face. They fight with each other but stop because of Munni stops them to fight. Sunita Marshall topic Sunita Marshall is a Pakistani fashion model and television actress.

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She makes her fashion lipstick, and eyebrows. Saba comes and strictly treats her when she did this.

Her son says her that he is sure that he was his father. Then he says her that that girl was sleeping with him whole night and she had seen naames. She weeps and goes to her room.

Faisal calls her saying that he got a new tuition who give her an advance fee. Much of the development work on this system for cinematic use did not reach completion untilin Blumleins short test films, his original intent of having the sound follow the actor was fully realised 2. Stereo recordings often cannot be played on systems without a significant loss of fidelity. While at night, Jameel comes and says her that she should marry him and shift to America because all love to live there.


She goes to her sister Fouzia Mushtaqfor Aasiya’s marriage and she advises her to marry Mustaqeem with Aasiya. Her brother comes and says her that that’s not a way of talking with a mother. They were listening to music of Fawad Khan which were famous to her. He also adds story in that book. In night, she says him that she wants to go home but he refuses saying there is strike.

He finds a window there and jumps from there coming down from steps. He says to Mariam that he had said her to come on their home.

Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain

Daisy is a slow worker, who day dreams more and works less, and on top of that as soon as Saba is out of the house she tries her makeup, shoes and so on. Zhalay Sarhadi, also spelled Zille Sarhadi, Urdu: Once, she was offered to marry Kulsoom’s brother but they abandoned it because of her arrogance. Saba younger sister Sana Hira Salman comes from Hyderabad to her home as she is pregnant.

Ayaz and Aliya do exercise. It stars Gohar Mumtaz and his wife Anum Mumtaz as her debut in main roles. She laughs while he is sad. The p50 format is considered to be a production format and, eventually.

Munna was sleeping near bed. The story revolves around Mariam Maria Wasti and Humayun Nauman Masood talking about that they will be developed soon. When she goes to Zebo, they play and Zebo is happy at that time. She wears Saba’s shoes; Kamran sees her but does not tells this to Saba, rather tells Rozi not to do it again.


Ushna Shah topic Ushna Shah is a Pakistani actress. She started modeling for the Pakistani fashion industry towards in Did not think of it. Meena is living with Jameel for years in hope that he will agree one day. Faisal says her to take care of her mother-in-law. She says him that then why is he sad but he doesn’t reply and says her to bring tea for him.

The story is of Parvez Alyy Khan and his mother who thinks that Parvez would have child from his wife Shazia Kanwal Nazarbut it is actually a false pregnancy for which his mother Tasleem Ansari and Parvez were happy for three months but Shazia told truth saying that she hid the truth because they were planning or second marriage. Police officers thinks that maybe the killer took murder weapon with him.

The background score is done by Shalim Zaader and the editing head is Asif Asad while the senior editor is Qaiser Ramzan. He says her that she will have repentance in her decision if she will not go with him in tomorrow’s flight.

Retrieved 26 December She orders with anger to him to wash the plates. She throws her doll and cries a lot to do Rukhsati because she was unaware of marrying Zebo’s father.