That’s the least I can do for my brother. Still Kuffs is strictly a Christian Slater show and his fans will absolutely love it. Uh, look, what are you doing with this Robbie character? I can’t help it. You hired me to protect your interests and I fully intend to do that. Did you see a Crime being committed? I don’t know why I’m doing this. I think you’re gonna make a great patrol special.

He doesn’t know that yet. And we have a saying in the banking business: I told you we should just follow Kane. And I’m trying to hire. They just came in for the opera. If we follow him, we will see a crime being committed.

Nikki Allyn Aki Aleong Four guys in a green station wagon. Court is now in session. I’ll walk the rest of the way. Building Owner Dom Magwili Don’t cock up his memory.

Talk to me, Sam.

You still like her? I’d better talk fast, huh?

What the hell has he got there? Evans scripts Bruce A. If he buys it, the audience will buy it. You could have a future here. This is what we’re gonna do. Now go ahead and do your stuff.

Mark runs a pirate radio station and causes an uproar when he speaks his mind and enthralls fellow teens.


How many guys are gonna be there? You saw his gang. Don’t you see that getting Kane would be as good for you as it would for me? There were not enough police to enforce any semblance of law and order in a town that just mushroomed over night.

Otherwise, use the bridge like everyone else. Kid, you don’t know shit about shit! Just investigating an armed robbery.

George, what do you want? We’re looking for something illegal. Something big is going down. I told you this would happen. Why did you shoot my brother?

But I guess you have your life to live and I have mine. Pick a user name: I’ll talk to you in a second.


You think I could have one of these gauges also? I got women to do, places to see! Uh, just a sec.

And turkey is his favorite food. The theatrical release poster for Kuffs. He said he just saw George and scripg guy and a dog getting into a cab Slater said he took the role in part because scrript wanted to avoid doing accents or worrying about historical accuracy, as in his previous two roles.


Quotes [ first lines ] Maya: George Kuffs didn’t finish high-school, just lost his job and his girlfriend who still is in college is pregnant.

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True, having characters speak directly into the camera definitely upped the level of humor in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but that’s because the film contained the basic elements of wit and style. I told her she’d be better off without me. Let’s get back to work. Gleaming the Cube I can catch them both red-handed! Love and kisses on all your pink parts.

Why don’t you go hang out by the laundry or something? Your money’s in the briefcase. Nikki, you can go home.

Let me have another target. Ted is here to keep you out of trouble while you’re among us. Now, he’s down here. That was not good. Where’d you get it?