The reinvention and the reimagining of cities is taking place all over the world. What else would you do now to positively support the transformation of Lagos? He started his practice in the early s. Enough of the tease, when’s the fucking movie coming out? Yeah, there are clusters of communities, outdoor living, market spaces As Steven Ward said in his Word Manifesto so long ago: So, by your definition we should call this a success, right? For instance, the campus of Lagos University is stunningly beautiful, efficient and generous, and that needs to be recognised and preserved.

Someone else blogged about it, asking is architecture ‘humane enough’, which I find really promising. Yeah, there are clusters of communities, outdoor living, market spaces You also notice that things are changing by default. So many programs tout their experimentation because of folks like Rem. Aug 15, 16 On the other hand, some cultures have managed to maintain their distinctiveness.

The real thing we tried to look at is what happens to a society when the state is absent. Fast forward 15 years — and especially in the last five years, Lagos has seen so many changes, so many improvements. Aug 17, 16 My father was one of the first modernist architects who also worked with the colonial or post-colonial architects.

Since global economics is the dominant influence on the well-being or degeneration of cities, one can make predictions about where urban development will take place.

Is it in China? Aug 20, 16 3: It still is meaningful to say that someone is a Japanese architect, but relatively meaningless to say that someone is an American or a Dutch architect. The city was in a deep state of urban regression.


Subscribe to the Monitor. In Europe there used to be politicians who were able to think 20 years or 50 years ahead, but now the political horizon is four years, if that.

Enough of the tease, when’s the fucking movie coming out? So many international architects make it their business to be contextual; as a result, their projects will feature doves, camels, falcons and other first-degree symbols of local history. At OMA we have tried to resist this trend, so only about ojline third or a quarter of our projects are developers.

However, the line had created a lot of communities, and therefore density — so every time the train was not driving, this whole area became a marketplace. I think Rem should design for awesome people or just people with money. How do major urban architectural projects impact the national and cultural identity? Elements of the city were being used in completely unfamiliar ways that I never could have imagined. Like a commercialized retread of “Koolhaas Houselife” but ends up being more “Infinte Lqgos a glorified commercial commissioned by BIG.

My only interest has been in understanding the human koolhaas and why they do the things they do, zoomed out to see what patterns emerge rather than focused in to see whether everyone likes the SPL. Sounds like he is finally coming round to publishing something, though. There was a bridge that became the perfect trap for crimes, which began with nails being scattered to cause flat tyres. The exciting thing is ojline green buildings, it is that buildings are built better.


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The security risk was a lot higher then. Oonline building has only one life that matters. Unless something better is on like season 3 of Bloodline. People Firms Blogs Forum.

He described it as tourism by car, and then ultimately by helicopter. The question is so pertinent that it is almost unanswerable. Therefore, it attracts a lot of Chinese companies hoping to access a more reliable legal system. Aug 17, 16 9: We try to discover potentials that the client did not or would not realize.

It was courageous of Harvard University: I think he has his pick. If Rem is really challenged by people’s needs, why do watcy buildings all look ugly? Features News Events Competitions. It is too early to tell.

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You say most of us “have to” contend with people’s innate desires as if it was a chore rather kolhaas a pleasure. But yes, we also need some chaos to make that order feel sooooo good.

onlihe But it was not some kind of exotic excursion. There is something in every project we do that goes beyond how it was initially defined.