Throughout the story the main characters retell their interactions with Kazuki since they first met him. Lists of anime episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Related Videos Comments She asks Kazuki to point her in the direction to the old school building. Barrera Elise Morrison Jason Grundy. Holland Youth Shin Megami Tensei: As a result, he is at the bottom of the school’s social pecking order.

Noriko Shitaya as Raika Naruo. Kuriko decided to bring Kazuki along as her “man”. Deb digs in to it. Everyone leaves on a train, and Yamase says that Kazuki hasn’t changed. Maburaho episode 14 eng dub avi. This, however, is t Shino will be watching Kazuki and the girls from now on.

The next day, during each of the dates, Shino decides to stalk everyone, looking for an opportunity to capture Kazuki. Inan anime series was produced by J.

Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Maburaho episode 19 eng dub avi. Daisuke Namikawa as Mitsuaki Nanba. However, Yuna reminds him mabraho his past, where she promised Kazuki that she would become his wife someday.

Summer Special Ai Yori Aoshi: Rick Piersall as Mitsuhiro Uki Taki. As it turns out, there was another behemoth being raised by Nakamaru.

Maburaho (TV)

Richard Kim Executive producer: Finally, Kazuki uses his last two charges in order to save Yuna’s life from the virus. It’s a by the book piece with some flashes of creativity.


Kazuki feels deeply pathetic about Yuna and the maburaaho leaving even though they wanted to stay. After the girls decide on how to spend their free time with Kazuki, decide on which times Kazuki dates each, and some comments from Yamase, everyone goes to bed.

Maburaho Episode 24 [English Dubbed]

In the novel, the side effect of Kazuki’s eoisode was gaining a special magical body that can cause disaster to the whole world if he lets out his magic powers. Views Features Reviews Columns. Fearful that once his ashes return, Kazuki will lose all memory of the girls; Rin resolves to leave, with Kazuki’s ashes and never return, but she repents after witnessing the lengths he will go to keep a promise.

However, their attempts fail when halfway through the series Kazuki uses the last of his magic to save Yuna from the magical retrovirus. Kurenai Densetsu Kud Wafter Rose Barin as Kuriko Kazetsubaki. Elizabeth took Yuna to a void dimension where Kazuki thought she was being tortured, where in truth she was only being tickled. Comments Disabled For This Video. Nancy Novotny as Raika Nario.

Flying Witch Food Wars! Each person in the story has a different degree of magic and a set number of times that they can use their magic. His name is Kazuki Shikimori, 17 years old. Wataru Hatano as Male Student. Haruaki Akai travel into Kazuki’s mind.


In the night, it is revealed that the magic circle was created by Shino. Eeji Komatsu Sound Director: Unfortunately, what Kazuki doesn’t realize is that the mysterious girl wants to turn Kazuki into a complete ghost and add him to her collection of ghosts. Lists of anime episodes. Ichiko as Taki’s Accomplice.

Maburaho Episode 24 [English Dubbed] – Dailymotion Video

He can only use his magic 8 times before he turns to ash and disappears. His magic also caused the women’s and men’s dorm to epixode.

John Gremillion as Shunji Kamishiro.

Sasha Paysinger as Elizabeth. Emily Carter-Essex as Maika Kazetsubaki. In an interview in Newtype USATsukiji states, “I kept two key words in mind, two things that are common to every teenage boy—school and girls. Yuna focuses her attention on Kazuki hoping to show his parents that she’s the one for him.