Did Derin or Timurs father kill him. Family is important than pride, honor and what other people say. End very dissapontted and very inconclusive I love to watch Turkish show. Really good series though, with phenomenal acting. Jean Zanow April 29, at Maria January 22, at 5:

So stupid, my 3rd Turkish show that i am watching and has a very negative ending.. Mine should be on her own for some time and then realise that Sinan is the love of her life and they should get back together and get married and have another child. She loved him so much but it just wasnt meant to be. Over here in Pakistan they are calling the 96th episode as the last episode but surely it is not? But how do you get them. Timor took her in and respected her wishes to live as they did. I became captivated with this show. Perhaps there is an issue obtaining rights for the other seasons.

Brown March 19, at I do think Timur had to go see Bala which of course he would not tell Mine about and the neighborhood was not on the waterfront.


I have not seen such a heart, such a love Now a boy grows day by day He caressed all sorrows one by by, Coiling up to a secret hope, a little resentful. Sinan Hakan Kurtason the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes from a rich family. Lolita Macpherson March 23, at 1: RomanceDramaFamily Relations Episodes: I love Turkish shows.


I could not wait to find season 2 and reading the comments from viewers, it seems this is the norm to end the stories without any ending. Need to find answers to these How or when can I get more of this series????

Erdal is funny and they are good together with Funda. Virginia June 25, at 7: Seems they like such endings.

apni tube: Mera Pyaar Meenay Episode 41 28th November

On Netflix, episode 79 was the last one. Sinan tried to make everything right and do the right thing. What were the producers thinking? Sinan wasgood and didN;t deserve that ending.

Sinan was really the only one who didnt do anything wrong. The Girl I Loved U. However he, with his one stare, episoee me Off my veils, merely merely by his feelings. Iva Fay Ventura August 2, at 4: I agree in that Derin killed Sinan.

She probably went to greener pastures.

I also understand just finding out about his son, but Timur went overboard to make Mine happy because he loved her. Janeth fernanda ramos February 20, at Yes I agree the killers could have been them even Temir.


Your email address will not be published. I am so upset…. Failing the production of a final season to properly conclude the series, it would have been acceptable if the producers had concluded it with, say, a 3-part mini series; they still could even at this late date. I really recommend Winter Sun. Nola August 11, at 2: His father epjsode surprised that he felt no remorse for killing Emine as he thought she was dead.

And now Mine lives happily with Sinan and their kid, Hasan. I am addicted to this series and am hoping mature Mine falls in love with Timur. Surely something is detaining the continuation or conflict happened that brought everything to a halt. Lara September 6, at Carolyn Harper April 11, at 8: Sheridan Robinson May 13, at 9: I did not like epsode controlling character that Ayten so clearly called out as controlling.