Harvesting, replanting and expanding farms Talking about his job situation. Or he could save both, but lose a ton of valuable items He says survival Let’s Plays were foreign to him and only knew of custom map play-throughs. Visiting Anderz competing flower shop Working on his flower shop Helping to kill a rouge Wither. Aurelian is this to Vechs. No discussing or sharing leaked episodes.

Showing Anders his Nether trail Showing the roof for his game and increasing prices in the flower shop Planing a secret message and collecting snow. Magic trick with Vintage Beef”. Zisteau has three; “Bad Ideas clean ” by Kevin Macleod for his Mindcrack season 3 videos, “Bits with Byte” by 8 Bit Weapon for his season 4 videos, and “If you don’t know what to do just steal the amen break” by C for his season 5 videos. Working on a franchise of the Royal Chicken in the End. No discussing or sharing leaked episodes. Caving in a ravine Talking about his map the Minotaur. Killing a bat in front of Vechs may have a similar result. Pause’s solution to Generik’s Saw-esque prank.

He sounds fine on his video, and everyone else sounds quite. You need to login to do this. Paul blew up GenerikB’s RV. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Builds a large basketball hoop near Doc’s house. Battle in the Rain: The Ultra Hardcore Series. While not arch-enemiesthe B-Team and Etho agree to temporarily put their feud behind them in order to fight the Wither s as a group. Explaining a prank that he wanted to do on Pyro that used a patched glitch Talking about MineCon Placed many dirt blocks for Winterfell Improved the Royal Chicken redstone system.

Failed Prank and slight recap”. As the author of the Super Hostile series, Vechs plays himself up to be one, though mostly goes for an Evil Overlord approach. Treat each other with respect. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Mikeyspiky Let’s Play Minecraft Dad.


Season 6 marks the third consecutive season in which he was killed by a wolf, and the second in which he was killed by his own wolf. Many members were viewers of other Mindcrackers before starting their own Let’s Plays. Bdubs does not like comparisons being made between his Mindcrack logo in the Town Hall and a baked potato on a stick. Keep group events to a single post.

Breeding animals and farming Caving. A separate, modded Mindcrack server has also been created using the Feed the Beast modpack for Minecraft. New folders for soon-to-come better organization:. Made water breathing potions for digging clay Found a zombie dungeon near his mob spawning system Further explored the cave Fished while telling his real-life fishing stories Cooked the clay at his semi-automatic cooker in ,indcrack Nether.

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Exploring a mjndcrack and finding a zombie spawner Caving. Gives away land to Pyro Gives Pyro a tour in the surrounding area Travels through the Nether with several donkeys to move his items. Aurelian is this to Vechs. It wasn’t, however, enough for them to win. Lassie, Timmy is stuck in the well! Exploited by Team Canada in their prank on him. Clearing space for farms Talking about MineCon and being recognized. Zisteau has three; “Bad Ideas clean ” by Kevin Macleod for his Mindcrack season 3 videos, “Bits with Byte” by 8 Bit Weapon for his season 4 videos, and “If you don’t know what to do 55 steal the amen break” by C for his season 5 videos.

The Dothraki have arrived”. Please use the talk seqson for contact.

First video Explaining the “Scavenger Hunt” that was put together with Team Nancy Drew to introduce him to the server Talking about himself, the games he plays, and the maps he makes.

You could feel a tinge of sadness in Beef’s voice when he expressed his need of tearing it down. Gathering supplies Talking about Hurricane Sandy, what has been added to Minecraft and his skin.


No discussing or sharing leaked episodes. You don’t even know what you’re missing.

I spy a dinnerbone”. As a more meta example, during group calls, someone says something that could be perceived as dirty, someone will inevitably say “Secret Saturday” No-one can remember Mhykol’s name.

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In JuneBTC deleted over of his older videos, [14] stating he would like to increase the quality of his YouTube channel to appeal to new viewers. Continuing to look for diamonds Considering heading back to the server. Subverted with the end of the trial; Baj okays some Last Wordsbut activates the gallows before anything can be said. Killing a bat in front of Vechs may have a similar result.

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Down to the Last Play: Kurt also lets one off when his dog saves him in season 3. Discussing portals Working on constructing the framework for his mid-air base. Working on clearing his land Testing durability on tools Using 2 frames on top of each other to leave a minxcrack on a stick” in the Town Hall. Working on a flower shop Talking about bringing flowers to dates.

Exploring a ravine for resources Explaining why he doesn’t drink alcohol Talking about leaving home. Join the Army they said”. I don’t think it was ever this bad before in his defense. Finishing the End franchise of the Royal Chicken.

Guude Boulderfist, Minecraft Let’s Play sensation, made a Minecraft survival multiplayer server in called “Mindcrack”.

Who wants a donut”. Pause can “control” the weather his rain dances.