SANk1 22 days ago. This is your secret storage area. Mirabilis 17 days ago. Apex Legends new-coming heroes got leaked. GO hit 20 million monthly users, as most it ever had in one month. Group B [ edit ] Group B 1. Hdream 21 days ago.

Virtual Impact 0 0p. MOTV -3 0p. Group G [ edit ] Group G September 19, 1. This page was last edited on 5 February , at Group E [ edit ] Group E September 18, 1. Kreff 7 days ago.

September 11, – October 5, – Do you have something to say?

Season 1 Season 2. Skyred forfeit the match inviite to lineup issues. Group G [ edit ] Group G September 19, 1. This dude is really popular in CIS region isn’t he?

MixBOT Pro-League Invite Season 1 – Tournament Results & Prize Money :: Esports Earnings

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Shadows Die Twice’s story trailer. DeToNator -2 0p. MiTH nxl September 12, – Arseny Kuzminsky 20 days ago. D Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator has a new trailer. Group E [ edit ] Group E September 18, 1.


After ‘forsaken’ saga, another professional CS:GO player has been banned for cheating

Group D [ edit ] Group D 1. Sva 15 days ago. Made in Thailand -8 3p 3. Check out our developer job postings and work in esports! MOTV -5 0p 4.

mixBOT Pro League S2 with $3,000 announced

Media Special projects WePlay! Iamard a month ago.

You are right, AlphaStar might exceed human players by the end of this year if Ivnite keep working I mean author yXo: Click on the “Show” link on the right to see the full list. Penguin ToF September 19, – Group B [ edit ] Group B 1. October 4, – QY Abs September 12, – The first season was ultimately won by nxl of Indonesia, some of whose members are currently in Belgrade, Serbia after competing for the national team, and saw the team triumph over the aptly named TheMongolz of Mongolia.

Virtual Impact 0 0p. Group H [ edit ] Group H September 19, 1. Do not change your invit Hdream 21 days ago. Hdream 25 days ago.


Kreff a month ago. Group A [ edit ] Group A 1. Team Brutality -7 0p. Here we put all articles you’ve read on WePlay!

September 18, – Penguin 0p 3. Yes, there were some “hacks” applied by Alp Play harder and rule the world.