Not every idea works out as intended. Polukranos, World Eater is there representing most of the creatures with monstrosity in Theros. I ended up finally blowing the pacifism up, swinging into one guy, Soul’s Fire another, and then Altar of Dementia the last. As recently stated, Ooze Flux makes this totally nuts. I make sure to keep a couple of each in my deck. And it’s not like you can hide what you’re doing.

Polukranos, World Eater is there representing most of the creatures with monstrosity in Theros. That was something I loved about the older cards, and something I love about Commander in particular. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. With the one-of limitation in Commander decks, you will often find yourself playing those old-school cards that demand you take stock of the table before you play a card. Toby Elliott’s Skullbriar Commander Deck. Your one idea becomes a manifestation of everything you hold dear in Commander. Always looking to add beef to my EDH decks. Not bad at all.

Forcing Fruition

Primal Vigor is something completely different. Simic Manipulator can steal your foes’ creatures, while Grim Poppet can weaken or kill them.

That is the risk of running headfirst into something new—you have to be willing to accept when things don’t fall into place.

Toby Elliott’s Skullbriar Commander Deck. Which meant it was a little confusing to try and ktg to.

In normal 60 card decks, this guy has been freaking amazing for me. Master Biomancer and Forgotten Ancient can ensure your army is stronger than anybody else’s.


Decklist Stats Sample Hand. This guy goes great with Sesaon Season.

Will be good with Kruphix for sure. They are frequently powerful enough by themselves, but what if you could ultimate them the turn they hit the board? This is really close to being playable in standard, but I’m not sure it can make the cut, it really depends on how good green devotion is post rotation. I also give them a lot of credit for finding a clean way to recreate the classic hydra’s ability from myth on a fun and very playable card.

G Primordial Hydra Jankiness G. Already good body for the cost, and then on top of that you get a Gelatinous Genesis trigger for Polukranos costing.

Magic Market Index for Feb 8th, Last edited by ktkenshinx: This is why I like Monstrosity way more than Tribute: He’s become a four-of in my stompy deck, next to Primalcrux x4 I’m already running. Doubling Season doubles counters on permanents you control. Cards like Aku Djinn provide benefits to all your opponents’ creatures, and Spike Cannibal snatches all that benefit away. Primal Vigor may be just what you needed.

There is no real mana curve, no ramp, and minimal removal of any sort.

Decklist Stats Sample Hand. Primal Vigor belongs in a deck that takes full advantage of what it offers to you and what it can do to others. There are times when you are already running Doubling Season in your Commander deck and need another card that does something similar.


It’s going straight in my Mayael the Anima deck, though. He’s the utility knife that binds this deck together.

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Public Service Announcements toad toad toad toad toad toad toad toad toad. Some of the cards are just as good with Doubling Season as they would be with Hydta Vigor, but it would be crazy not to include them for that reason. Doubling Seasonwhat? Hide Comments Only show me comments rated: I played this guy in EDH once.

Black Green Counters Deck

He’ll take 4 initially, gain back 8 16 with doubling seasonthen take 8 and gain back 16 32 with doubling season. We are trying to maximize Primal Vigor, not run a deck that has no use for Doubling Season at all. Alex’s Vorel of the Hull Clade.