Ennui Young March 24, at 8: Worth all of my 50 hours! Tell him, and you two work through it. I love it a whole lot more. Feels like , we are the citizens. I love you, lightings-people. That is some harsh words. I really appreciate your hard work… Thank you.

Everyone was just great!! Perhaps I can offer you a castle in the sky? Sad that she had to die, but glad that MH and BJ helped each other for the last time. I find it poetic that Cheok Sa-gwang found a little solace in Bang-Ji’s words in her final moments. What were the qualifications for that job, I wonder? Look forward to reading it the first thing in the morning after I watch MP in raw! I am one of those who feel that ep12 is not all that bad and that fr now on, we will see a lot and I mean a lot of cute and Lovey moments …A house that big, a guy that hot, how can sparks not fly???

If only this is not split between andthis show may be the one to win all the drama awards. Han Ye-ri – The most beautiful girl in the show youg me. Melinda Bang-ji is one of those weird Korean men who can only love one epiisode, If he can get her, for whatever reasons, he shut out all women. Since there was no record in history, we were concerned but his offspring showed positive responses. Now since in China as well, once you step inside the Forbidden City, you can only freely step outside when you are dead.

How about next drama? Dan calls Yoon Joo, complaining that she has been cooped up all day. It actually took over years to finally acknowledge his contribution That way, I can be smiling somewhere. Kiara “[Taejong] was the first Joseon king to take on [16]” Overall daugjter had 19 concubines, and seems to be the King of Joseon who had the most number of noted concubines. We all know YJ is not gonna succeed in her machinations anyway.


Even very minor cute scene between the OTP, at least there are, right? But people often say you got to kutidrama nice, fair and square.

Favorite scenes in chronological order: For some reason in my kutudtama, I feel that they will do another project. They drive up to a country cottage, and Seol stops in her steps as they approach yyoung front door. I couldn’t go back so I just glossed over him.

Anyway, thanks again and we really appreciate you. Gil Sun-mi sees him approaching before she does, and with the last ounce of strength he has, he kills Yooksan.

I love that she died laying her head on Seoo grave and holding the hangul’s cheat sheet. There are flaws, yes of course, I’m a little disappointed about lacking closure for Bang-Ji like everyone else, but this is almost-perfect. Sa-kwang kutdrama out for revenge as well, and in order to get it, she has to kill Bang-won and Nameless for what they did to her beloved King Gongyang. That is some harsh words.

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Historical dramas of Lee Byung Hun the director are good, if you don’t mind a number of filler episodes. Yoon Joo tells Seol to just leave. What am I going to do with my life now that it is over?! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What a ride this sel On to my praisings though, I absolutely love this shiw. I love your recap and comments fighting! I am still tuning in for the HY-LS encounters! It’s not perfect but natural and unique.


Compared to BW who was raughter but ruthless king, Sejong was compassionate king.

The people of Korean is very happy with our hero HY for protecting their lovely princess all these while, they propose a royal wedding. To catch all that, we couldn’t make the show moving fast enough so we had to skip some characters’ emotions, which was disappointing. What is the reason to have Chuk Sa-kwang?

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Honestly, before watching ep. Now that’s interesting to hear. That amount of filler redundancy is unacceptable, I call foul and lameness all around.

According to historical records, Jo Min-soo got off the stage quietly. Stay well in the army and come back greater. I love you, music people. They should’ve at least let us properly send him off by showing us the scene in which he looks back before leaving with his mom which was actually in the preview.

Bang-won was hella smart when it comes to ruling with absolute power.

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Now I, hopefully, would be able to watch till the end of the drama. I’m surprise she didn’t try to kill him for kutuerama he did to her family. The BGM sometimes eh wrong…. They say a pic tells a thousand words.

The waiting, the anticipating, the swordfights, the battle of wits and everything.