Josh takes his anger out on Rick. Amber is left in a difficult situation. Friday 5th September – Episode Susan and Nate each deal with their own trauma. Doug’s disappearance reunites warring family members. Thursday 21st August – Episode Josh is exposed by his affair with Naomi. Friday 24th October – Episode Susan struggles to decide whether or not to continue counselling Nate. A scheming Dakota manipulates Paul.

Tuesday 2nd September – Episode The tornado leaves destruction in its wake – Susan and Lou are in a life-threatening situation, and Paul has a serious accident – and amidst the chaos, there’s a marriage proposal. Naomi finds herself falling for Toadie. Monday 13th October – Episode Brennan’s sting operation gets messy. The locals all join in with the Erinsborough Farm Day. A harmless prank turns costly for Georgia and Kyle. Kate and Kyle deal with their first public date. Will Kyle be able to consumate his marriage to Georgia?

Wednesday 23rd April – Episode Naomi is relieved when Toadie is non-judgemental about her past. Monday 3rd February – Episode Imogen is shocked by the truth about Isaac. Terese beats Paul at his own game. Georgia worries nejghbours Kyle has betrayed her again. Sonya grapples with a dilemma. Brennan has his eyes on Dakota. Lou offers support to Kathy, who makes a surprising offer of her own. Amber’s living arrangements start to bite. Friday 25th July – Episode Amber finds disapproval everywhere she turns.

Monday 14th April – Episode Brennan tries to take matters into his own hands. Naomi plots to oust Sonya. The short descriptions, or thumbnails, of episodes from the season.


Episode #1.7011

Kyle returns, but his odd behaviour leaves Georgia worried. The tension rises between Paige and Amber. Paige and Brennan’s romance gets off to a rocky start. Sonya makes a breakthrough with Bailey. Bailey Turner Olympia Valance Amber and Daniel find problems everywhere they turn. Kate is confused about her feelings for Brennan. Bailey works for his parents’ forgiveness. Friday 8th August – Episode Amber makes a decision. Tension between Imogen and Brad spills over into the classroom.

Monday 10th Neighbourrs – Episode Georgia tries to help, as Kyle struggles with his father’s reappearance. Tuesday 7th October – Episode Matt receives an ultimatum from Lauren. Tuesday 2nd December – Episode Brad becomes the prime suspect after Ezra’s attack. Susan tries to help Kyle through his grief.

Josh fears that Amber no longer wants to be with him. Terese worries that Imogen has started binge-eating again.

Neighbours – Season 30 Episodes List – Next Episode

Amber gets exam help from an unlikely source. Susan feels unnerved by Nate’s war stories. Kyle finally finds a glimmer of hope. Bailey finds that he has stiff competition eisode space camp. Is Karl and Susan’s blue box about to be revealed at the school? Paige wins Kathy’s friendship. Tuesday 19th August – Episode Chris and Nate’s date takes a surprising turn. Callum tells Amber about Bailey’s drinking.

Tuesday 30th September – Episode Brennan’s suspicions of Dakota lead him to an unexpected proposal. Lauren refuses to lie for Terese. Georgia tells Kyle to move on. Brad has a difficult first day at Erinsborough High. Thursday 6th March – Episode Chris learns the truth about his mum.


Wednesday 19th March – Episode Lauren contemplates accepting Kathy’s offer.

Neighbours | Episode 7011 | 10 November 2014

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Monday 11th August – Episode Chris considers Lucy’s offer. Monday 13th 70111 – Episode Terese is confused by Paul’s behaviour. Josh fears that his swimming career is over.

A scheming Dakota manipulates Paul. Chris pushes Kate and Kyle to face their feelings.

Lauren worries about Rain’s influence on Amber. Lauren struggles with her secret.

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend | Episode Thumbnails

Naomi threatens to reveal a secret from Gary’s past. Sheila and Naomi resume the status quo. Thursday 26th June – Episode Libby’s shocked to find out how unhappy Ben is. Wedding 77011 strike for Kyle and Georgia. Tuesday 11th November – Episode Terese realises that she can’t paper over the cracks in her marriage.

Kate is shocked as Brennan moves onto Ramsay Street. Naomi makes a move on the wrong guy.