Fiala found it nearly impossible to secure film roles, but continued to perform on stage. The dance numbers are choreographed by Gisela Walther, who did the choreography for Hot Summer and Hochzeitsnacht im Regen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The rivalry over Britt threatens to tear the fabric of the community apart and everyone learns that the needs of the collective are more important than the needs of the individual. This surely impacted its success. Home About Deutsch Glossary Subtitling. In the east, her behavior is frowned on because it leads to party disunity. Stay updated via RSS.

July 29, at 6: East Germany took most of its cues on communism from the Soviet Union. If you do order, expect a long wait. Britt is played by Regine Albrecht, who exudes a an easy-going, inconsiderate charm. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She later wrote a book about her travels there La Casita, Geschichten aus Cuba.

If an East German film has been released with English subtitles, it is nearly always available here. Always wanted to know who composed the songs. More often, the film is compared to Greaseeven though Grease came out after Hot Summer the play inand the film in Fiala found it nearly impossible to secure film roles, but continued to perform on stage. The costumes were created by Helga Scherff. Taken on its own, No Cheating, Darling!

In spite of every effort to seal the incht off from the invidious influences of the west, information was getting through, and the young people of the GDR were becoming more and more dissatisfied with the state of things.

Notify me of new comments via email. Home About Deutsch Glossary Subtitling. In the late seventies, he started composing music for East German scyummeln shows, and continued this after the wall came down with nary a pause. In Hot Summera group of boys fil, Karl-Marx-Stadt Chemnitz and group of girls from Leipzig that have just finished school and are ready for a echummeln vacation like its Hollywood counterparts, everyone in this film is considerably older than the character they play.


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Both appeared regularly on TV variety shows. Unlike the American Beach Party movies, which usually start with the boys and girls getting along at first and then fighting later, the boys and girls of Hot Summer are at each other from the start. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Siebholz was a very successful composer who worked often with Mr.

Do you understand exactly what that was about? Sometimes they show up used though. March 7, at 8: Dfa the west, this would have led to an immediate sequel or two in the case of Beach Partythree sequels were made in the following year alone.

Her most recent album, Nur eine Sommerliebewas released in on the Buschfunk label. She is also well-known for her micht dubbing, and has done the German voices for several popular American television shows and movies, including The Gilmore Girlsand Brokeback Mountain.

He began by scoring short films, and moved to feature films in with Hexen and Carola Lamberti — Eine vom Zirkus. Hot Summer remains one of the top-selling East Germany films of all time and was reinvented as musical theater in It took five years liebljng anything resembling a sequel to this film to make it to the big screen.

Critics liked the music, but hated the movie. Learn how your comment data is processed. July 30, at A sort of half-relevant here question for you. This site uses cookies. We had the same thing here in the form of the draft and mandatory ROTC and land-grant universities. Since the late nineties, she has worked with the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam, where she lives.


Albrecht was primarily a stage actress, but she appeared in several films in the GDR. If the kids wanted youth-oriented films that could match the likes of the AIP Beach Party movies, then DEFA was going to give them what they wanted, but with a distinctly communist slant.

Nicht schummeln, Liebling! Movie Streaming:

IMDB page for this film. She would be chastised because sex for its own enjoyment is seen as a bad thing. Hot Summer was a hit at the box-office. His Christmas album, Weihnachten in Familie which he sang with his second ex-wife, Spanish singer Aurora Lacasa, was also a hit and continues to sell well at Christmas time every year.

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But the real stars of this film are the costumes and the dancing. Email required Address never made public. While lkebling film did well enough at the box office, it was not the hit that Hot Summer was.

Stay updated via RSS. For us it was marching in formation and stumbling through obstacle courses. Britt is played by Regine Albrecht, who exudes a an easy-going, inconsiderate charm.