They’re fun but they’re a pain in the ass too! Nikkole’s last “belly pic” at 33 weeks. Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice in November of year-old Nikkole reveals to Teen Mom Junkies that she and Ryan first met in November of , and despite an initial reluctance on her part, the two began dating shortly after. This must be that picture or something similar she concocted. I couldn’t, in good conscious, tamper with it. I had a stillborn back in June

I know this isn’t about Nikkole, but while we are on the topic of crazy, slutty, shitty moms My feelings on her: I think they tried, that it was their first attempt to get some truth. It’s funny because my ex cheated and got someone se pregnant right around when this was happening so I really sympathize with how Teri must have felt when she didn’t know whether the pregnancy was real or not. Teri is a really nice woman and she was actually very sympathetic to Nikkole. I don’t care that much frankly, but I do think she should be held accountable.

Pictures are important because it is tangible proof, a tangible connection to their baby.

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Alex, Ashley and Nikkole are part of the Bitchowhorus Rex species. Yeah just look at Nikiole and realize you don’t look like that! I can’t imagine not being honest if someone’s money fell on the floor and I didn’t give it back. He didn’t stop caring because Teri got pregnant. I would speculate after her boob job.

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Hospitals often allow the parents of stillborn and dead infants in general have their family of all ages come and say goodbye to the baby. I’m just going to be honest here, I hate Nikkole too but I agree with rae I don’t know how easily that would fly nikko,e court. From Teen Mom Junkies:.


Ive felt like she woulda been a much better choice than Briana, Bristol or Cheyenne…. This is really sad hope he gets the help he paulum. In he went to prison for 3 years and got out January of … which is when we got back together.

It was just something I wouldn’t necessarily want to share with anyone closer than family or make my profile picture. She’s been sporting relatively dark hair hasn’t she?

I’m a big proponent of trying really hard NOT to judge how anyone grieves unless it’s obviously insincere and attention seeking. Even the friend that sold her out is just as wicked for going along with it for 9 months.

I hope with time things get a little better saeson a little easier for you all. Once he got his gf, Nikkole claimed she was pregnant. I’m really not understanding the down votes Especially in the US, I’m really not sure how it works given the variation from state to state. My friend and i who are front ends right away were suspicious so we had the cameras checked. There would be no need in it being loose because obviously she wouldn’t have been breastfeeding.

They would tear her apart.

The chance to remember what they smell like and how soft their skin was. My ex lost his son at 20 months old and he would’ve turned 10 this year too. Great, at least we now know who is the train wreck of season five, and hope she is the only one. The hospital let my parents and 3 other nikkooe in the room once her was gone come in and take pictures and do whatever they needed pauoun do. You’re a fucking genius dude. Nikole getting too detailed, this sometimes will occur naturally or mom needs to be induced.


But fuck them anyway they’re overpriced. Daily News reports that the security guard first approached Josh in his hospital room because Josh was allegedly threatening staff members and breaking items in the room.

Nikkole Paulun posts photos of ex Josh cutting himself, terrified of his potential release

I felt horrible for Nikkole because she was so soft spoken and just let her boyfriend walk all over her and obviously emotionally abuse her. I don’t even see a baby in that picture, just a few bundled up blankets. I would never wish that upon anyone. Did I read right, you use to run Teen Mom Buzz or something along those lines?

Former “16 and Pregnant” Dad Josh Drummonds Arrested Inside Texas Hospital: Get Details

Nikkole shared the following picture on her Instagram account on Thursday evening, and although it’s been deleted, we were able to snag a copy of it from someone on Twitter. Sometimes I miss being able to deposit a check and then immediately withdraw cash but it makes sense not to be able to. However an abundance of research suggests the stillbirth would have happened anyway.

Buck tooth dinosaur face Permalink Submitted by jollyrancherhai I felt so hopeless. Paylun can’t stand this seahag. Sorry for my rants lol i have so many more which is sad.