Adventures in Alabasta One Piece Film: One Piece Official Twitter Japanese. These are all blocked by Manboshi, Ryuboshi and Hoe. Meanwhile, the five Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets inform the others that a royal ship is arriving. David Wilson-Brown as Heracles. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach the most coveted of all fortunes—One Piece. Just as Otohime attempts to save the rest of the signatures, however, she gets shot through the heart by an unknown assailant, killing her. The Click – September 30th – October 6th Sep 30,

Before his death, Tiger informs the Sun Pirates that he was never on a voyage and stayed at Mariejois as a slave; he begs them not to reveal what happened at Mariejois. Zoro confronts Hordy underwater, but the fishman uses his own man to prevent his attack. Luffy, Setting Out for the New World! Top 10 Anime in Japan Mar 16, The Click – November 24 – 30 Nov 24, Otakon – Funimation Entertainment Jul 20, July Jul 30, They decide to find the Seafood Fruit and make Chopper eat it to heal the reindeer.

Riki Kagami as Pastry chef ep Luffy hits Hordy with a single kick in the chest.

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Luffy and Zoro then resurface pieve Luffy threatens Shuzo. Ethan Gallardo as Ikaros. Surume originally obeys, before Luffy instead offers to save his brother, and heads towards Hordy to fight him.


Jason Liebrecht as Hattori. Despite this, Otohime berates the thief for raising children on the money that he has stolen and makes him promise to become a better man.

Kazue Ikura as Jessica eps Shirahoshi begins swimming out to sea in an attempt to lure the ark Noah away and save Fishman Island, while Luffy gets Sanji’s help to allow him to reach the ship’s chains and stop Hordy.

Kazuya Ichijou as Breed eps Charlotte Moscato.

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Anime Expo – Opening Ceremonies Jun 29, Shuzo attacks the marines and Panz Fry. No Unedited One Piece Oct 27, Hiroki Takahashi as Bill eps Hou ep Owner ep 81 Wapol’s Minion eps Hordy attacks Neptune and Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi. Yukiko Hirotsu as Lapanui eps The princess confronts Luffy, saying that she is not afraid as she is the daughter of King Neptune, before bursting into tears.

Shizuka Itou as Lily Enstomach eps Brandon Luna as Byron Lacroix. The Click – May 26 – June 1 May 27, The Click – July 29th – August 4th Jul 29, The Click – June 16 – 22 Jun 16, It is revealed that Hordy has been forcing Surume to follow his commands by threatening to kill his brother at the North Pole if he does not do as he says, and gogoahime Surume to crush Shirahoshi.


Kazuyuki Epjsode as Ben Beckman. peice

Takkou Ishimori as Sengoku. The Click – October 6th – October 13th Oct 7, The Click – March 7th – March 16th Mar 10, Ikaros and Dosun attempt onf intercept Luffy, but are blocked by Zoro and Sanji, leaving Luffy to land a blow on Hordy.

Kagoshima Television Station Co. Hidekatsu Shibata as Dragon. The archaeologist reveals to Franky that she is the eighth person who saw Rayleigh, pidce Luffy has yet to appear.

However, a group of Marines led by Strawberry e;isode and wound Tiger, giving him seconds to live. Brett Weaver as Mr. The Ministers of the Left and Right, the king’s advisors, scold him for leaving the palace unharmed and tells the Straw Hats that they received a message from Fukaboshi. Wadatsumi defeats Surume and then as he attacks Jimbei and gets pushed back, he manages to bring down Nami, which gives Sanji a reason to attack him.