If you don’t believe your own daughter. Is it not two? Daughter let anyone do anything! My scooter just got slipped Karthik went home at that time itself. What is it daughter? Don’t you have anything to study? It was I and Mathews who first understood that

Anyway that is good. You agreed on the marriage with the Jenson out of obstinacy towards me. No I’m the one who will ask. I and Thandamma at Malikappuram have played Came without informing the parents. I’ve also worn shorts! Is it the new look and feel? Some homemade food stuffs, made as a special.

But all the compatriots will come to know that. Till the marriage gets over who and all you will see subttiles Why did you stop the boat? What nonsense are they saying Karthi? Karthi where did you go man? Last night also it was heavy rain was it not?

Must conduct a counseling and make them understand in our Papa I must go to engljsh hospital, Karthik met with an accident. What is that girl doing? On knowing it’s the same guy who Riya met at Ooty on an emotion What a rain this year?


It’s a big opportunity for us to enter in to the cooperate world of India. What is the time?

Everyone is our family members. Uncle there is lift. Let them be little romantic! The marriage was fixed over the phone.

Subtitles Pattam Pole

Do you know how scared we all got? Karthik was also there along with Sherin told didn’t get sister on calling you.

I remained with out letting out the breath. Upon you sir I have not watched. There are various kinds of touches! On the way while going will see each other.

But I have told. What is it Varghese?

Pattam Pole – – English Subtitles

Is it for this they laughed? If you are about to say I love you I’ll howl now! After a gap of 15 years father smoked a cigarette! Father joy told me everything when his grandmother evicted you Is it the new look and feel? Don’t know whether he had food or not first give him a coffee. That is why the Chandran and Kunjamma got separated in the half way.


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Seen him at the age of 7! But should show this love always.

Then after calling the sister Sita at Kerala and asked