As i’m not so keen on the whole Bollywood scene, i figured i wouldn’t like this movie. Direction and performances of the entire cast is top-notch. Three guys are of three diff. Only section of the movie that outright sucks. No doubt PKP is all based on the same old formulas of three friends falling for different girls, hanging out in Goa and then calling it off after some ego fights. But it touches a much taken for granted aspect of our generation, relationships and breakups and of-course the punchnama of what’s in between.

AishFan 30 July All the three male characters shown have different stories, same is true for the three female characters. And few side characters who just happened to be there because someone had to be there. Vikrant gets back with the girl Ban gya Kutta and Life sahi hai are catchy tracks but the music is more or less average. The chemistry between the guys is amazing. The promos leave an impression as if the movie is a sex comedy.

The movie had a totally different message, it was truly a masterpiece, had a totally different concept and the acting was superb too.

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Shines but the shine of a tin not gold. Kind of lame directing as like Sajid Khan. Its vry superub movie. This movie depicts the situations same as in real life. Admin please fix it soon.

It is about emotional exploitation or tragedy associated with a woman. Though he gets annoyingly tame towards the end his character is the most lovable of the three male lead characters. Not much acting used eye movement, lips etc body language are not captured either intentionally or the director forgot these subtleties.

Well only one actor Nushrat Bharucha got much more screen time. The new actors have done well. I have never heard so many clever, witty lines combined into one film. The story definitely reflects a lot of the modern day men or boys. And nothing special to mention here. Eventually they all fall in love and how the girls not love; generally movies are shown how love changed someone’s life changed their life is the movie. Ban gya Kutta and Life sahi hai are catchy tracks but the music is more or less average.


Overall it is a great entertaining movie Audible Download Audio Books. Songs were just fine. I manage to watch this film until the end, but I almost quit several times.

On serious note heart and soul of the movie is script and dialogues are. Guys this m0vie is a real fact ab0ut h0w the girls 0f t0day treat b0ys Kartik and Raayo as the two other friends in the group also look confident on the screen with Raayo scoring a bit better than Kartik. Means the funeral of love. You will feel like voiceless while reading it with your eyes down feeling the shame.

You must have heard it happening somewhere, if you haven’t been through it yourself! I started watching it without knowing anything about it, all i knew was as much as i had seen in a 5 minute clip, which in reality revealed nothing about the movie’s plot.

You can’t expect guys to be smart emotionally balanced at everything when their primary focus is on career. Pick where the clip starts Then there is Rhea played by Sonali Shehgal and she is the weakest character of them all. All three women, however, find out and decide to accompany them to the beach where they eventually mingle.

Perhaps it may also be called as a well attempted journey into the “Women Mind” or an attempt to know what the girls actually have in their thoughts while flirting or having multiple affairs at the same time. In most of the cases, friends reading this review may not have heard of this film before and hence must have an uncaring kind of response to its silent release this Friday.


I just know that on a normal weekday, the movie was declared “house-full” 6 hours before the timing of the movie, for the only screen which was screening this movie in the whole city of Chennai. I don’t think it can be done better. They live life like most bachelors do.

And yes “Liquid” was too good. My key word for this movie is, ‘believable’. I enjoyed the movie for it’s so realistic believable story, characters and even the details like the behaviour of each individuals in given situation.

She just had to exploit Liquid’s desperation in her use and she did it by book. Excellent story, brilliant script, good acting.

Nishant goes to charu the next day at office n says he was calling The only thing I would have liked to see more was the after effects after the end of the current movie, what i mean to say is they should have discarded the songs in between the first one was good and then add something to the end.

Boys, go watch it.

And, you have seen them in all other movies but not “Liquid” I bet. Was this review helpful?

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Most of the stories, be it the great Hollywood, the bright Bollywood or good old novels, usually start and stay focused on the the issues of how a woman is usually the victim. Just loved the monologue at about 1: And few side characters who just happened to be there because someone had to be there. The chemistry between the guys is amazing.

Yet it has the potential to entertain you in bits and parts.