This page gives information about the password rules for each user group on that wiki. The date that has been chosen to turn off local renaming and shift over to entirely global renaming is 15 September , or three weeks time from now. Watch full episode of Running Man Series at Dramanice. The bases have been set by Les Meloures , Ooswesthoesbes and me , but the project needs now some content. If the following is inputed that would rename my account. T Worked on making lexical category, language and grammatical feature show up on WhatLinksHere phab:

Future changes From April 4, the autopatrol status of edits will only be accessible in the Recent Changes database table, so only for 30 days. P “units used for this property” , Property: I hope you will not find my request too insolent This is to make it easier to understand. Of course, the exact points of intersections are located using GPS receivers. Ech huelen emol un dat de Cornischong dat Hei gemengt huet. Including current use of Property:

It will be on non-Wikipedia wikis and some Wikipedias from 14 Youruploac. I am requesting an usurp on simple. The meeting will be on 4 April at For example that it does not cite sources or might not be neutral.

T Added WikibaseImport epizode to Docker images to make it easier for people to start their own Wikibase install with some data imported from Wikidata phab: You can give feedback, suggestions and help test it. Map of places in the UK starting with “Llan” source Number and percentage of articles about female scientists for all Wikipedias compared to all articles about scientists source Statements disputed by their subject source Emulators and what they emulate source Map of items near me that have a label in English but not in Welsh source Newest WikiProjects: It will be on all wikis from July 19 calendar.


The process took a very long time, since it’s difficult to hourupload crosswiki 296 among the projects and bureaucrats involved in individual projects.

This affects for example those who read Wikipedia on a PlayStation 3. How to manage software versionsImproving Wikidata documentation for different types of user Closed request for comments: T Changed title of the field of a lemma language to make it less likely for people to add a translation as a second Lemma phab: ListUsers to let you see only users in temporary user groups.

AddshorePintoch New request for comments: European Parliament – Wikipedia. Users could not upload files. Misc for Free Download.

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The meeting will be on 9 May at This will be done by June. There is some risk involved, and to mitigate that, I will confine SieBot to making youru;load types of replacements: Some of the recent changes may have not been applied.

This creates an organized sampling of maan world. Falls Du es noch nicht gesehen hast: These items are deleted in the revert batch. I am SO excited Future changes All wikis with fewer than high-priority linter errors in the main namespace will switch to use the Remex parsing library.


It helps you with direct uploads and title and category suggestions. An op d’de-wiki och net [2]. There is no set topic, yohrupload are welcome to bring any discussion that you would like to the office hour. Wikidata’s sixth birthday happens in two months. Photographe luxembourgeois ou toute autre? Recent changes Dynamic maps are now available on most Wikipedias. Changes later this week You can opt in to a new beta feature that lets you use visual diffs on history pages.

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It will happen on 27 February. It shows information about the performance of pages.

Recent changes You can now use global preferences on Wikimedia wikis. This is new since last month. T Investigated issue where some parts of the interface were shown in a different language than they should be phabricator: