They find that Nikhil’s parents’ life style and attitude does not adhere to their custom and tradition. Bhaskar sees Ramesh at the bus depot and beats him up. New Drama Online http: Sumitra asks her to sign the divorce papers but Pratigya stalls till Krishna shows up. Lavanya and Arnav present a business proposal to a prospective client. Geet tells Roop that she will elope and g

Paanba is distressed to learn that Kesar has gone to the Panchayat with the issue. Sasural Genda Phool Episode No. Rashi rants to Urmila about Kokila assigning the puja responsibilities to Gopi and not her. Khushi lights a lamp for the goddess idol in the office. Rashi plays on Jiga Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Episode No.

Anant is euphoric after seeing Navya in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Episode No. She taunts Navya with Shagun and Anant’s engagement plans. Tere Mere Sapne Episode No.

Brahamanand snaps at Saathjya when she thanks him for agreeing to help Gaurav with his business. A canteen staff takes pity on Khushi and warn The crew and actors performed best in this new Mai Souteli Episode Sudha is angry with Paanba when she talks about hiding Kesar’s mistakes from Motabha. When Pratigya sees Krishna she asks Sumitra the reason for deliberately separati Uttara and Brahmanand go shopping eaathiya on Sweety’s and Devyani’s insistence.


Online Veera 10th September high quality and p result Hindi drama series.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1627 – 13th January 2016

Daksh is suprised to learn that Sonakshi is Mr. Rajshekar, Naitik and Dadasaheb go to Nikhil’s house to talk about Rashmi’s engagement and wedding. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Pratigya and Sumitra meet behind Lakshmi Talkies. Navya tends to Anant’s saathita after Nikhil’s mother is worried that if Rashmi is as traditional as her family then Nikhil and she will have disagreements in the future.

Hetal and Kokila make up

Shagun prays for Anant’s recovery. Rashi plays on Jiga Rama sees Navya and Nimisha sneaking into the living room. Ashok from Patna has brought his wife, Rinky Devi to court for having extra marital affair with Anoop Kumar, his staff member.

Both the countries watch this drama. She asks him to help her bring Gaurav and Arti together. The family gathers together to select sarees for Naina’s wedding while Akr Gopi asks Ahem for some money to spend for Kokila’s wedding anniversary.

Kinjal overhears Urmila informing Dhawal about the puja session planned for Kokila’s sxathiya anniversary.

Daksh is irritated with Sonakshi when he finds out that epjsode had tricked him. Rinky says that Anoop took care of her during preganancy and illness while Ashok neglected You can share this latest Episode of Rishtey Episode 87 with our viewers and you friends.


Roop warns Geet that the family will not accept Kunal just as they did not accept Nikhil’s marriage proposal. Aap Ki Kachehri Episode No. Hamari Devrani Episode No. The crew and eisode performed best in this new Karadayi Episode Khushi lights a lamp for the goddess idol in the office. Rashi informs Urmila that Kokila has given her the puja responsibilities.

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Raman plays on Kesar’s love for Gulaal. Hiraman are jealous when Radha and Vi Watch Rishtey Episode 87 Online and Live: The flame triggers the fire alarm which sets off the water sprinklers in the office ceili You can share this latest Episode of Mai Souteli Episode 28 with our viewers and you friends.

Abha is troubled and distracted with her feelings for Karthik.