Saint Of Killers Warning: Cloud Strife with Dan Ritchie This week Dan takes the show in a different direction talking about a character from Video games. Responsible for Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk due to an idiotic teenage dare, Rick Jones would go on to become Marvel’s penultimate sidekick. Regrettable Villains Support the show on Amazon! He was a founding member of the Avengers, but suffered a bit of an identity crisis causing him to repeatedly change his superhero persona. Marvel and forever changed the Marvel landscape. Here are some turkeys to help you digest your turkey. Sun, 21 October

More Regrettable Heroes with Dan Ritchie This week Dan joins Bruce to talk about more regrettable superheroes from the long history of comics. Wrath Of The Manticore Ebook. Born on Apokolips as Prince Uxas, the young man usurped those in line ahead of him to claim the throne. When he was 13 he discovered a mutant ability to transform his body into a powerful metallic form. Though she first appeared in comics in , it turns out Jessica Jones had been in the Marvel Universe the whole time. He served as a detective, Computer hacker, and overall more intellectual Robin. Wed, 14 December Marvel and forever changed the Marvel landscape.

Wrath Of The Manticore Audiobook. From his humble beginnings as Orion Pax to becoming an action master, they cover his whole story. This episode explores all of Arthur’s adventures in the 5 part trilogy yes, that doesn’t add up from Earth, to the end of the universe, back saantaan Earth a couple of times in search of Tea and the ultimate question of life, epizode universe and everything.

Wonder Woman Part Two. Abandoned by her European father to a temple of alien priest she was raised to be a Kung-Fu master and celestial madonna. Episore on this strange, new world, Flash and his companions zantaan to battle the tyranny of Ming The Merciless.

Sun, 3 February Wed, 16 March Buddy baker was a punk rocker, a stunt man and an avatar for the red. Don’t worry about it, I’ll explain. Thanks to a life saving experiment, Ryder was changed and became the host of the maniacal Creeper. This is a high concept comic about a World War II tank that is haunted by the ghost of a confederate general from the American Civil War, and it just happens to be crazy enough to work.


Charles Xavier came to Russia to recruit him for an important rescue mission, and his life was forever samtaan. Give a listen to the Transmissions Podcast.

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Sun, 11 February Generally accepted as the most memorable character from Alan Moore’s eoisode story, Watchmen, Rorschach is a character worthy of much discussion. Responsible for Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk due to an idiotic teenage dare, Rick Jones would go on to become Marvel’s penultimate sidekick. Sun, 7 May Sun, 8 October This is not a simple summary of the plot of Watchmen. Much like the mythological Phoenix, she would die and rise from the ashes more powerful than one could ever imagine.

Here these Titanians had no idea what they birthed when the mutated, purple child known as Thanos was Born. Rick Jones Responsible for Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk due to an idiotic teenage dare, Rick Jones would go on to become Marvel’s penultimate sidekick.

He may have a back story as a more serious researcher that was driven episove by The Three Stooges, and maybe not. Well, one person got away.

Cobra Commander Is he from the pre-human race of Cobra-La or is he a used car salesman? To break the awkward silence, Dan steps up like the true hero he is and brings you this all new episode about Captain America’s arch nemesis, the Red Skull.

Red Skull featuring Dan Ritchie! Sun, 28 August This is part two of a two part episode about Wonder Woman.

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Patsy Walker has what is perhaps the most interesting publishing history in all of comics, so you won’t want to miss this one. Flash Gordon Polo player Flash Gordon seemed to have a wonderful life on Earth, then one day a meteor struck a plane he was flying on along with Dale Arden. Sat, 23 April His sole purpose was to destroy Thanos, but he somehow found himself guarding the galaxy. Wed, 14 December Jack Knight is the 7th person to call himself Starman.


He is also one of those rare characters that has met his writer, Grant Morrison. Wed, 4 January And don’t worry, I know Santa is real, so you can listen to it with the whole family.

Santaan-Nov. 23, 2010-Part 2(Last Part)

This episode looks at this truly pitiable character. She saw Peter Parker get bitten by that fateful spider, and she witnessed the epiwode of Galactus at the hands of the Fantastic Four.

Sun, 30 July The unexpected box office success has shown that the masses have an appetite for the character, but his comic book roots have a winding story that many casual fans may not know about.

This week Bruce talks all about Marvel’s Taskmaster. Created in in order to bring a little fun back into comics, Doreen Green definitely made her mark in the Marvel Universe. This episode is all about Santa.

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Later, Princess Diana would win a contest among the other women of Themiscyra to serve as the Amazon’s first emissary to the world of man. Bizarro An imperfect copy of Superman, Bizarro has been around since the ‘s. Sat, 14 May Red Tornado is an android, he’s also Ulthoon, The Tornado Tyrant, he’s also the Tornado Champion, he’s also the air elemental created by Maya, he’s also a high school teacher named John Smith.

Optimus Prime with Charles and Darryl from Transmissions. Kamala Khan grew up idolizing Carol Danvers. He also created his own worse enemy as well as crossing a line from which he could never return. Legion Of SuperHeroes Bruce is back! He was a tough as nails soldier on the battlefield with many heroics to his name. Built to be a defender for his people who were forced to be refugees by a cosmic war, he quickly gained many Asgardian attributes after proving himself worthy to wild Mjolnir.

Sun, 28 October