This is Hajime’s first clue that things aren’t quite what they seem, and that the obvious answers aren’t always correct. While Momoe and the others try to dig up information on him, he’s busy tracking down Muryou! Articles containing Japanese-language text. Kimura Lament of the Lamb — Aquarian Age: This mysterious transfer student came to Misumaru Middle School wearing a 20th-century school uniform, something rarely seen in the year The secret is that many of the leading families of the older part of the town have been using their powers and the power of the giant, called “Shingu”, to protect Earth for centuries.

After a morning of startling revelations, the interesting day is just getting started. This page was last edited on 17 March , at It will be a day of revelation for both Tenmo and the world. Casual and easygoing, Kyoko’s pretty laid back when it comes to the kids doing their schoolwork, but she’s very strict about their manners. Tenmo’s natives, however, are calm – until a second spaceship closes in and the two ships have a face-off! Hajime had better watch his back.

Hajime is very social, mature for his age, and adjusts well to even the most bizarre situations. Did any cameras catch the crucial moment?

Retrieved from ” https: Record of the School Wars: Jiltosh, Stsllar, and Lady Momoe are now all living under one roof, and by a small twist of fate, Hajime’s family might be stopping by! The concept of speaking beyond the fourth wall can be considered in itself a great power.

Full Cast and Crew. Setsuna Subaru 26 episodes, Hajime is about to bear witness to one of the Shingu’s most powerful secrets. Add the first question. He seems to know something about the recent alien incidents, though, which makes Vice President Kyouichi instantly suspicious. As she pushes the power of the Shingu farther than ever before, the Shingu’s darkest secret will finally be revealed. Hiromi Isozaki if that is, in fact, her real nameis the phys-ed instructor and teacher at Misumaru Middle School…or is this just a front?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After discovering that Muryou and Kyouichi have astonishing powers, he decides to keep track of all the strange events that start to unfold – but he soon finds himself more deeply involved than he bargained for.

Then, Harumi must face Kyoichi and tell him the stellad about what happened 11 years ago.

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The final conclusion to Shingu: In the midst of all the commotion, an outsider infiltrates the school grounds. Kanata is quiet, but extremely confident — and he has shiingu reason to be.

Perhaps that’s why he’s so incredibly popular amongst the students especially the ladies! Little is known about Muryou; in fact, the more that’s revealed about him, the more enigmatic he becomes.

NA Right Stuf Inc. As Hajime learns this, it comes as something of a shock to him that all of the current members of the middle school student council are actually the guardians of this secret and of Shingu itself for this current generation. The sports clubs have cornered Muryou! In fact, it’s become a trademark of hers to stop by with all sorts of sweets from various parts stellaar Japan.

secget He’s always calm and laid-back, but at the same time, he has secret powers that he rarely reveals. Kiba — Strawberry Panic! He’s a middle-schooler, and the class rep for 2nd year homeroom C.

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He has a very mellow personality and at first glance, he seems like an average, ordinary man. Tenmo has secrets and when Hajime sets out to uncover them, the powers that be start to take interest.


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She is employed by the local library to assist with taking ancient scrolls, old books and microfilms and converting them to elisode digital format. A small Japanese town is in fact the home of Shingu, a legendary protector of scret Earth, controlled by the student council who go through life’s trials and tribulations. Setsuna invites Hajime, Shun, and Nayuta to visit the mysterious Village of Falling Stars, but this little vacation isn’t going to be all fun and games.

Darkstalkers’ Revenge — Twilight of the Dark Master A thief has broken into Misumaru Middle School! She’s a college student who lives in Tokyo, but she often comes to Lady Momoe’s home to visit Muryou.

Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars Episode 6 Discussion

The Fafnir Knight While all of these discoveries are a huge enough shock to him, Hajime also discovers that many of the town’s other residents are in fact intergalactic diplomats. This mysterious figure first appears during the big judo match between Mischu and Miyanomori.

Articles containing Japanese-language text. In a shocking discovery, Hajime’s father is involved in the Space Diplomacy talks.