Dong-wook finds his nervousness a good sign, because it means that his heart has opened up even more, and his feelings have developed. He tries to find a way that true love exist, that it does not need to be only maintained through money. After the meeting, Seung-jo heads over to meet Se-kyung to check out the styles she chose for the Christmas party. People r starting to cry too much in this drama, feels like a mini ‘i miss u’! Seung-jo arrives at the department store to look at the new line of jewelry recently launched, and he overhears a new intern rushing back into the store asking for a duplicate receipt. Han Se-kyung goes and visits her. Thank you for the awesome review. But still, since his realization happened just because he remembered the real situation and only after a while, it means, before the remembering, he didn’t try to understand the heroine he just chose to believe that she ran away

There’s also the Shin family – they started out interesting but pretty much ended up as flat, evil, rich villains. Now I can no longer distinguish the difference between that. I hate the choices she is making especially in episode 8. Seung-jo falls for the genuine, idealistic Se-kyung, but not knowing this, she gives up being the person she wanted to be, and decides to live like those she once despised. Those are the two meanings I take with living with your eyes half opened. He accuses her of running away when she promised to never leave and to show him her entire self. Seo Yoon-joo is in the hospital because she has had an accident. It gave me a lot of ,” let me think about that moments,”.

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Thanks for the recap and merry Xmas. Cha Seung-jo also moves to the same neighborhood where Seo Yoon-joo is living.


Before SK and SJ got back together at the end, and she was interviewing for new things and moving on, and he was moving on too Not know that Cha Seung-jo is actually the president of Artemis, they have an argument again and she goes away unhappily.

Now, the white rabbit has become a pseudonym for finding our prince BUT then they cheonfdamdong the old, “it was a dream no it wasn’t a dream” move and had the getting back together stuff and I realized that my fundamental problem with this drama was that MGY was completely miscast. What I didn’t like was that SJ sort of remembered the whole dreaming thing only after a while so, If the alive was stronger, he wouldn’t remember it at all and thus there would be no happy reunion, or what???

Episode 7 Han Se-kyung calls Seo Kodea and asks her the answer of the first danger among the three she must encounter if she wants to go into Cheongdam-dong.

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Your detailed and thorough recaps added to my enjoyment of this drama. That Cheongdadmong always thought was kinda brain numbing and makes you suspend disbelief. I really enjoyed this drama, and I liked the ending, too. He greets her amiably, but finds her face somewhat familiar.

It’s simply part of alide culture. Se-kyung comforts Se-jin by promising to buy her a brand-name luxury bag when she finishes her stylist gig to Jean Thierry Cha. I also think MGY is doing a amazing job, I can see all the emotions during that scene as she is reacting to what he says and still steeling herself to reject him. Will there be a sequel since there was one called Through the Looking Glass?

Thanks for the recaps: Moonwhat a cute duo. Seeing this, Cha Seung-jo starts to cry because he is so moved, but not realizing the fact that Han Se-kyung has written iorea letter with a purpose.


Thank you for the recep. And I don’t even understand why did she have to become a gold digger since she knew Seung Jo loved her back already. What’s to not like? Instead, he sends flowers to the funeral house to express his sorrow for his mother.

Now dpisode seems so cal ululating and hard, and with so many episodes left I am afraid she will go too far and hurt Seung Jo so much that we as the audience won’t forgive her, even if Seung Jo does. Instead, i love to see ppl comments and thoughts about the drama i found this drama thread has the most beautiful and insight comments among others, thank you everyone for that.

You’re right about the remember-doesn’t-remember thingy.

Seung-jo makes up the excuse that perhaps another style should be designed, but Se-kyung promises to deliver the idea tonight, rather than immediately. I found mgy 22 too young looking against psh Annie January 30, at 7: Seung-jo does get up for some cheese and crackers and wine, and then passes out on the couch. Are we happy now? I read about it in Park Shi ho fanpage web.

Whackadoodle and his insecurities. SJ will eventually find out but what will he decide to do, forgive SK for not being a perfect candy girl that he put on a pedestal or pull a redux 2 drzma get revenge for using him?

What I don’t get is why she has to lie to Seung Jo. And I get that she’s determined to change from a Candy Girl to