Still, it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of all the cuteness that followed. The next day, Yoon-hee reminisces her time with Sun-joon as the three stooges gossip over the news. Ladymoonstone November 12, at 5: Episodes by odilettante. However I think Sun-joon’s father made a brilliant political play here. Park Min Young Main Cast. In alarm, he begins his desperate search for her and just when all seems lost, there she is standing not yards from him, looking shocked to see him. But I can’t resist reading the spoilers, recaps, discussions et al.

Really, that final screen cap says it all. With it the king can finally move forward with the dream that he and her father shared. I’m all for your idea jubilantia. Nars, thanks for pointing this out. But she still has put Moony in danger. Renhye October 29, at 3:

I’m suffering from some serious second-lead syndrome. A man with his character and JSthe first thing he’ll think past the shock is “to protect”. You would think they are of noble blood and they epsiode acting like schoolboys I still need to watch the actual episode but man I’m I really missing my Yongha and Moony already.

He knows certain death awaits if she’s caught. Most of all I like Yoon Hee Will the king protect Yoon-hee, Jae-shin asks desperately. Thak you so much for recapping red pill, Cassie, Girlfriday and Javabeans I will miss smarty Really enjoyed the writeup, thanks. I’m so sad it’s over! Ladymoonstone November 12, at 7: What a double scsndal of redemption! But Guh-ro plays it cool, no matter how much it pains him to do so. I gave a fangirly shriek when I heard about Yoon-hee kissing Sun-joon in this post!!!

I know that Sungkyunjwan Scandal was initially toted as a fusion sageuk — but is it possible for it to be a fantasy fusion sageuk so I can have my unrealistically happy ending? Episode 5 by TeriYaki. If wind’s out YH is the love of SJ and hence the roadblock to a high profile political marriage, the consequences r dire on her. That goes directly against everything that Guhro and the rest of the Jalgeum Quartet stand for. Log in with Email. The suspense is over!


Could it be that one of epidode is the big Red himself? She has also killed people too, so I don’t know what kind of normal life she can lead with blood on her hands. King Jeong-jo has come himself to donate the prize tangerines, and he runs into Minister Lee and Minister Ha. I may not agree with you in a lot of points, but I do like your writing style!!!! And Jae Shin’s oranges reminds me how Awesome he is, because we know he’s a brilliant student as he read all the books in the library but the fact that he’s not the show-off type like you-know-who ahha makes me fall for him even harder.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 20 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

If I could, I would turn back time and give you everything that I had. They really rushed us through the end in this episode. But Yoon-hee tucks the blanket over him, reminding him what happened the last time he got wet and was cold.

You’ve got some good points. Thanks for all the recaps!! Writer the dressing gown.

I know just how you feel! Can she keep up the charade long enough to get the education she desires and keep her emotions at bay?

Fulfill my order and create a new Joseon. My intros aren’t meant to be taken seriously. And yes, I too believe, he’s the smartest eipsode I do care about the historical context. After, Sun Joon might be very rational, but he’s still a young guy who’s willing to throw away his dreams for the sake of his first love.


I have enjoyed reading all YOUR comments too Jae Shin sleeping in all his glory I can see this as him being resigned to the fact that it’s a waste of time to try and make Yoon Hee his I do want to point out that just because Sunjoon doesn’t freak out outwardly doesn’t mean he doesn’t realize she is in mortal danger.

Evil-Glare all the way to the end.

Jae-shin kindly adds an addendum to his catchphrase: In the library, Yoon-hee runs into a guy who looks like Sun-joon — and lo and behold, it IS Sun-joon. Man, now I’m gonna have to brush up on my people-saving skills Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast.

But the leader of the petition and the one person Sun-joon really wants to see is nowhere to be found. It’s by far the best kdrama of the year. It is officially my favourite Kdrama everr. However, that doesn’t mean spisode they condoned it either. HP popped in my mind! She EC had no real reason to deceive HG, and had in fact known about his feelings for her and continued to deceive him scanda to keep him around.

T I’m already missing the guys especially Yoo Ah-in.

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Promotional poster. I—who only walked where there was a road…who only acted according to the rules…who thought propriety was everything—have come to like you…a man.

For you to step out of line.