How will Kotoko manage? When Mary realises that, she pretends to be sick in her room, which results with Takumi calling Naoki for help. It became successful very quickly and became the manga series that Tada became known for in Japan. However, the experience isn’t as “romantic” as it may seem. At the house, Kotoko makes dinner for Naoki and Yuki, which turns out to be…not so great. Everyone in the family excluding Irie’s grandmother gives Kotoko a hard time.

When she replies it is none of his business, Irie asks her if she loves Kin. When Kotoko returns home in the morning, Oba-chan looks worried over her appearance and asks her if she’s alright, Kotoko thinks she’s running a slight fever, but Irie asks everyone to wait a moment, he asks Kotoko if she’s pregnant, Oba-chan and Yuuki both get a shock and yell ‘what! When an earthquake strikes Tokyo, her house is the only one damaged. Just as Irie sprints across the finish line, Kotoko gets pushed and falls in front of him and she gets run over. Irie never said a word. Kotoko wakes up shortly after and returns to home with Keita, and meets Irie’s mother halfway. Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and two ending themes.

She later on goes to see Kin and finds out that Chris is 3 months pregnant. And Keita walks out admitting defeat. Naoki’s mother seems to notice that Keita is much more chivalrous to Kotoko than the cold-hearted Llve and decides to find out more about Keita. Kotoko skips Tennis to go and see Kin and plans to say yes to his marriage proposal.

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Now married, Kotoko and Naoki head off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Most Evil Death Row Convicts At the house, Kotoko makes dinner for Naoki and Yuki, which turns out to be…not so great.


Kotoko, Irie and friends visit Waterland.

Ike Ike Hyuuma Kyojin no Hoshi: Despite its success, the manga was never completed due to the unexpected death of the author in a house accident while she was moving to another house with her husband and son. Kamisama, Kekkon Zenya Trickster: Then the story shows Irie staring passionately at the unconscious Kotoko, but a nurse came in with kisss request of Dr.

They then walk home together, where Irie announces his proposal to the Irie family and to Kotoko’s father. However, the experience isn’t as “romantic” as it may seem. Her patient is an “old hag” because epiaode makes Kotoko run errands. Itazura na Kiss Mischievous Kiss: Last day of honeymoon Kotoko suggests to Naoki that they could spend the last day alone together, and he agrees. Nobuhiro turns out to be Yuuki’s friend Non from back when Yuuki was admitted into hospital.

InItazura na Kiss was first adapted into a Japanese television drama of the same title, which ran from 14 October to 16 December for 9 episodes every Monday at Private Eye in the Distant Sea Lupin the 3rd vs. On the train, Naoki has a flashback to when he and Kotoko visited there after their marriage.

List of Itazura na Kiss episodes. Irie abruptly kisses her, confessing his love for her. Irie overhears about the rescue, rushes back to Yuuki, and is pleased at Kotoko’s actions. Kotoko misses the train again, but this time Irie helps her. When she joins Moto and the other nurses, they tell Kotoko fpisode Nobuhiro, a movie star, was in the waiting area.


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Kotoko offers to make some coffee, to which Naoki agrees, and Naoki just stands by watching her. An exchange of heated words soon ensues when Naoki puts Kotoko down in front of everyone triggering her to show Irie’s childhood photo of him dressed as a girl to the others and Irie drags her out klss a dark alley.

Love in Tokyo Mischievous Kiss 2: Irie is by Mr. Everyone in the family excluding Irie’s grandmother gives Kotoko a hard time. The following is the list of episodes from the anime adaptation of an unfinished manga series Itazura na Kiss. Irie tells his father he does not wish to take over his company, instead he wants to become a doctor.

She has been coughing up blood due to her illness. Later on, her friends from work go home and leave Kotoko to walk home with Irie but he informs her that he will be working itazuura that evening as he iyazura to do more of his thesis. After visiting the hospital, it is confirmed that Kotoko is indeed pregnant by three months. The grueling practice, the painful injuries and the complete feeling of incompetence would be worth it Itazura na Kiss was first serialized and published in by Shueisha through Bessatsu Margaret magazine.