Your email address will not be published. Then we see Se-yi and Seol-chan sitting on the steps to the courtyard. He probably used the adoption secret to hide his fear of abandonment. Surprisingly, that the woman who left him at the orphanage in epi 1 was his adoptive mother. Then I got really angry at him because he did exactly the same thing to Nana and, worse, he wasn’t even sensitive about how he rejected her. Love letter to Nana: I was counting on a lot more from a show that started out so creatively. There are so many other things that I could wish for, like more time to see Color Bar encounter conflict and grow together or some closure on our other minor characters, that I can only settle to wish for.

Do we know HOW she’ll deal with it? Sun-woo did piss me off this episode. I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. Qua Trang August 6, at 2: I had the same thought when I watched that episode: Requiem August 5, at 9:

Honestly, I came here specifically to see if anyone else caught the same vibe as me. What happened to teacher Dokko and the PE teacher? I also totally got that Joonhee loves Seyi. Unlike other shows, Monstar maintains its stand to giving us a heartwarming drama about a group of high school students. The others joins them and Sun-woo deliberately walks in between them.

Nawin comes by to see Ajusshi before he leaves Korea. Even though it frustrated me at times how much was only hinted at, especially in the earlier episodes, I episofe that they didn’t treat the viewers like idiots.

For him to encapsulate his feelings for Se-yi in an original song with lyrics of a longing to be her jjak. The door now closed, Seol-chan takes out his guitar to perform for her. Everyone has their own taste, and I’m not here to change anyone’s taste. On the same level. He greets her monstsr the usual indifference which I just find plain annoying now.

She kinda protected SeYi from the snooping PD when she said that she was Seol-chan’s girlfriend and made sure the PD knew who their father was.

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A tiny bit sad that Monstar is over but I’m pretty satisfied overall with it’s run. But I suppose Seyi’s rejection affected him real bad that he just didn’t have the heart to even pretend anymore especially since Nana probably knew him better than himself.


Episodes by odilettante. However, I believe you have a hard time connecting with him as a singer and I don’t entirely disagree because some of his performances are boring. All the idols in this were excellent or at least good.

I think I need to look up a good translation for the song “When love leaves” that SW sang in the courtyard with Nana because I totally thought that was his way of coping and grieving over the loss of Se Yi and not an intentional dig at Nana’s feelings for him. Can we download the song? I was counting on a lot more from a show that started out so creatively.

Like Seol-chan and Se-yi – there were no grand declarations of love, but how much more awesome was that sequence of them walking back and forth at night with the musicians following them? Whether when we were children or in adolescence or last year, the name which pierced the deepest monztar of our existence… monatar love.

The final battle didn’t have as much impact as the first one but I like the contrast of heavier production and few individual spotlights in the first one versus the end where they’re more ‘bare’ and equal school uniforms, instruments, everyone gets a singing time and their time to shine. I’m glad she decided to move on and leave the jerk in the past as it usually happens with high school crushesdramaa can do so much better Nana.

But- yeah, I just think it’s a tragedy of timing: This drama really was a nostalgic high school trip. Actually, I don’t even remember YJH singing anything in falsetto.

Byul August 6, at 4: Poor joke, I know, poor joke: With less than five days ahead of them, they get to work and practice like no tomorrow. I think I would’ve liked to have seen Nana confess to Sun Woo but after 12 episodes you would think he would catch on. The one he has now was given to mark a new beginning after his adoptive mother took him in again. Wished Dahee got a chance to show off her vocals more haha – that girl can sing.


Sun-woo smiles at the group photo of the Color Bar members. I would agree also with the falling out of Seol-chan and Sun-woo.

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Joon Hee will declear his feels for Se Yi and he and Seol-chan will start round two of fight it out over Se Yi with Sun-woo throws his support behind Seol-chan leading to them heal their bromance. Download the latest version here. It shows when he didn’t go after Seyi and let SeolChan do that. Requiem – could you post a link for “Canon in D” from Episode 4?

I totally agree with your comments. I don’t care if his reason was that he wanted a fair battle yeah, right. SC got mad at SW for this because he didn’t want to become a burden to his mom again like when she returned him to the orphanage.

He’s not always like that, but he does it enough that IMO, it detracts from his voice. True Identity Of The Moon. Rashell August 6, at Am I the only one who thought the All for One kids were underused? Episodes by LollyPip. So, it is logical that when he gets over SY, he will be able to come to NN with a clean plate.

I feel that Sun-woo was a more complex character than this drama’s length allowed to explore and develop. That reminds Sun-woo about the conversation he overheard earlier. Romance, Fantasy, Period Episodes: You were rejected by both your birth and adoptive parents? I have a few shows that I watch over and over again and never get tired of them Firely, Sports Night, Studio 60 and Monstar will definitely be added to the list.

I think that’s just who he is- that pettiness and childishness and complete disregard for others in korwa of emotional sinopsix.