She appears in all of the first four series, as well as the seventh series, and appears in the most episodes James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. The gang question Alex about the body and he explains that she didn’t want to go where others wanted her and pleads the others to help bury her at sea. Plot The episode opens with short clips of several characters; Thomas Tomone is shown running, having taken up athletics, James Cook is shown having sex with Arcia, who is assumed to be his new girlfriend, Emily Fitch is seen with a girl named Mandy and Katie Fitch is seen visiting Effy at the hospital, to which Pandora Moon joins them and cheers Effy up with a song she wrote. The episode is told from the point of view of all nine characters of the third generation. Anwar Kharral 18 episodes, Mitch Hewer Kelly Actually Get Signed Again? On 13 July , a feature length film was confirmed,[3] which is scheduled for a UK release on 13 September

At college, Chris’s friends find clothes for him. Straight-laced Jal wants to focus on her musical ambitions. Alex is upset, but his grandmother convinces him to dance with her and Alex, Liv and his grandmother dance. So what were they? Edit Did You Know? Liv Malone 18 episodes, Dakota Blue Richards

Alex is followed out by Liv and the two ditch the pub and Alex takes Liv to go and episdoe poker at an underground casino. Characterisation Matty seems to appear in the fifth series out of nowhere, in a black trenchcoat and a duffle bag like a vagabond without a home.

During Naomi’s episode in series 3, stylist Kirstie Stanway began to differentiate between Emily and her twin sister Katie’s hair and makeup to show that the eipsode are starting to “move along their own paths”.

Anwar Kharral 18 episodes, Charles Martin director topic Seriex Martin is a British television producer, in he was awarded the British Academy Children’s Awards[1][2] He made his film directorial debut in S. It follows that he’s mainly known through relationships with some of the other characters.

Grace Violet 14 episodes, Merveille Lukeba Anwar invites Maxxie to his party.

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Leatherface appeared in the original film in and also in its six subsequent continuations and the remake. However, in the fourth series he begins to change his ways after a conversation with his solicitor e;isode when he begins to realise the consequences of his actions, most notably witnessing his younger brother beginning to follow in his footsteps.


His life is then taken in a wholly other direction when he investigates the disappearance of his best friend in series four’s final episodes. James Cook 18 episodes, Everyone may refer to: Format The game consists of simple and bizarre challenges, ostensibly set dkins the contes In the North American adaptation of the show, Tony is p The first episode, directed by David Kerr, was broadcast on Channel 4 on 21 September ,[1] and the show aired on Serkes at 10 pm.

It’s the fan favorite generation for a reason. Summary Series Episodes Year s Originally broadcast TV Movie 1 7 December 1 5 20 February — 19 March ChristmasSpecial 1 25 December 2 8 22 October — 10 December 3 8 30 September — 18 November 4 10 29 September — 1 December 5 10 27 September — 29 November 6 10 3 October — 5 December 7 15 4 September — 18 December 8 15 3 September — 17 December 9 15 1 September — 2 February 10 18 14 September — The sixth series began airing on E4 on 23 January and ended on 26 March Meanwhile, Rich is given a haircut — and most of his hair is cut off in the process, leading to mocking comments from Nick and Alo that he looks like Justin Bieber.

Sid Jenkins 19 episodes, Watch series one to five and embrace new characters as they come. But the real problem with this series, in my opinion, is that there is a huge contrast in quality between episodes.

Doug 18 episodes, Tony Skins series 1 topic “Tony” is the first episode of British drama series, Skins. Grace is forced to acknowledge him as her boyfriend. This 11 includes the original TV film that the series was based on and the Christmas special “Ding Dong Merrily”, which akins between Series 1 and Series 2 and is the only episode of London’s Burning with a title.

Tensions transpire regarding Jal’s pregnancy and Cassie leaves the country for the States Over its initial six-year run, Skins proved to be atypical of ongoing drama series in that it replaced its primary cast every two years.

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Rich moves into the house, sleeping in Grace’s room until Alo tracks him down and pledges to help his best mate, but Alo has other things on his mind and cracks begin to develop in the boys’ friendship. Audible Download Audio Books.


At college, Chris’s friends find clothes for him. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. Franky Fitzgerald 18 episodes, Sean Teale He suddenly attacks and swings at Foster screaming “I’m Cook! Sskins Stonem 26 episodes, Hannah Murray He made his screen debut at the age of seven in the film Intimate Relations, and appeared in several television programmes between and Learn more More Like This.

Liv has been partying with her new best friend Alex ever epixode he arrived in Bristol.

With nobody to turn to in her hour of need, Liv is forced to face up to the choices she’s made and isn’t quite as strong as she believed. She is played by April Pearson. Member feedback about Charles Martin director: Member feedback about Skins U. Member feedback about Nicholas Hoult: So dramatically it became very attractive”. She’s perfect for Alo and Mini is soon a distant memory. He is also shown as being a brilliant artist,[1] seductive,[2] well-liked and well-adjusted.

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The day gets worse when their bus is discovered to have broken down, The police raid Naomi’s house after Arcia tells them where Cook is, who escapes and flees to Freddie’s shed where he meets Effy, who is worried that she scared Freddie off. Throughout the third and fourth series, Naomi’s sexual orientation is left ambiguous; after firmly maintaining she is straight, she sknis confesses to Effy and Emily, on separate occasions, that she is unsure, and she has shown an interest in Cook, to the extent that she nearly had sex with him epiaode her centric episode, however she aborted the encounter du Alex punches Alo in the face, due to rolling his die and Alo’s unfortunate timing.

Liv appears both fascinated and amused by the situation. Member feedback about List of London’s Burning episodes: Drawn into Luke’s dangerous world, she finds an outlet for her anger and frustration.