Summer Academic Showdown http: The Dota 2 Major League is one of the best ways for you to get started with the esports scene. But the team from the winner’s bracket should have an equal chance to have a second chance. Another season of Montenegro National League is coming with bigger and better prize pool. Will the challengers emerge as the new champions? I don’t care if the overall record between two teams is , the same way that I don’t care if they met two weeks ago and one of the teams beat them in every game. Qualifications at Donbass cop in the city of Zaporozhye.

The sixth season of Czech-Slovakia league will take place over a two months period. This ticket only gives you access to view games from CIS Carnage Commentary will be available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Online Qualifiers commencing on May 2nd – 4th. This ticket grants access to the compendium items and to view games from Dota Pit Season 3. At least 32 amateur teams in Indonesia will compete for a total IDR 3.

Teams compete in an online competition to earn a spot in the top 16 teams which compete in a LAN finals. There are different points of view, but nothing about what I said is logically inconsistent. It’s an open league with up to 50 teams competing for a prize. Ready 4 Gaming is a Chilean organization that is focused slvt Dota 2.

Each Master season lasts two weeks. Includes the Vermilion HUD skin!


Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. This is the third season for the Bulgarian Amateur League. These are free to spectate! Agon’s first amateur Dota 2 League consisting of 10 teams who will battle each other over the course of 6 weeks. The top 10 teams from each division will be invited to compete in the Premiere Division.

Prodota 2 takes its tournament to the world stage during the play-offs, featuring etar of the most well known and talented teams from around the globe. The winner bracket team has the advantage of not playing as many games as the LB team so they are more “fresh” for the zeries. Starladder 9 was epic! Watch as skilled players compete for the prize pool! Teams compete for the 25, INR prize pool. Join us for the second installment of the biggest Dota 2 event on the East Coast!


GosuLeague delivers seasons on a monthly basis where teams of all skill levels play in different divisions.

StarLadder Dota 2 Hall of Fame – StarLadder AM League Season 25 –

The fith open Bishkek Stars League. There are a rising stars teams who agains each another to be number one in Indonesia. Aimed at Korean amateur teams and Korean audience, Mango League brings the finest of Korean amateur teams, production, and casting. Some of the best teams in South America face off to prove themselves as the best amateur team in the region.

This event is sponsored by MSI and Adata. We would like to celebrate your team or simply test your skills! Will reigning champions RevivaL emerge victorious or will a new team dethrone them?

Second edition of the Coliseum League with 32 teams competing for a place in the Dota Coliseum hall of fame. The fourth season of the Amateur Dota 2 League kicks off where Amateur teams compete to receive prize pools depending on the tier they are in! We hasten to glorify your team or just to test your skills! More than 32 teams and players fight for the championship. Teams compete for the 15 million Rupiah prize pool.

The most talented teams in North America compete in the classic league format for eight weeks, culminating xtar a 4-team double elimination all-star tournament.

Dota 2 League IDs – Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker

Open qualifiers of 64 teams around Australia competing against each other until only 8 teams remain! Players from all around Alaska compete with one another in the chance for the prize money, and the ability to be called the best in the state.


The High Fly Winter Cup tournament is played by teams from Kazakhstan, competing for cash prizes. Featuring some of the finest teams from North and South America battling it out. It will stream games from two divisions composed of teams from around the world.

Pakistan’s Largest Tournament Organizer is back with new teams, bigger prizes and a single region.

More than teams compete in the first season of the Z Sword League in China. Max League was created as an even stzr so that talented newcomers can perform and achieve great things.

SLTV Star Series Season 10

At last, the tournament that took months of waiting, GofioDT2 tournament! Second season of IGA amateur league has arrived.

Dota 2 Pro League http: Broadcast four days a week for over eight weeks, the D2L as it’s commonly called is commentated live by Ayesee and invited guests. Defense of the Australians brings you its second Dota 2 Tournament for Spring with players from all around Melbourne, Australia coming together to compete.

In each of these, four noobs learn all they can from their teacher and present battle with dignity. In the third season of the tournament 32 teams from around the world will compete for the amazing prizes and the title of champion of our league.