Edit Did You Know? Meanwhile, it is revealed that the fortune teller was sent by Patience St. Will these queens of Creole succeed in the end? Frank’s famous “emergency fund” finally runs out of cash in this crazy episode of Trading Spaces! Kara is friends with Frieda voiced by Jasika Nicole who expresses the desire to flee which causes Kara some discomfort. The stakes are high on this episode of Trading Spaces because our homeowners aren’t just neighbors — they’re sisters!

The stakes are high on this episode of Trading Spaces because our homeowners aren’t just neighbors — they’re sisters! Thankfully, we have fearless host Paige Davis and carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor to pitch in and to make sure our teams don’t get scared off before they finish their rooms. Retrieved February 29, Finn and Susan eventually arrive along the shore, where they engage in a fight. Doug discusses plans for a computer desk. Tremont Drive Season 3 – Episode So Amy Wynn came to the rescue — with a massive carpentry plan.

Faber Dewar is the carpenter. County Road Season 1 – Episode 1.

Transformation doesn’t begin to describe what happens in this installment of Trading Spaces — perhaps our most ambitious episode yet! Open It’s an election year, so why don’t you forget about those Bush and Kerry guys for an hour and vote for one of these four jamokes to become the next Trading Spaces design expert?

No matter what your taste, you’ll find something to love on this episode! The show that started a nationwide craze for home design and dozens seasin copycat shows is back and po,ly than ever!


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Club did not review “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” because episodic coverage of the series was intended to stop following the airing of “The Music Hole”. Ty then tells her that he saw Doug leaving her tent carrying something.

West 85th Street Season 4 – Episode Designer Doug Wilson and his team go to the mats over the question of whether or not to paint the hardwood floor. Budgets run high this time, which means the stakes soar also.

Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, where they interact with the other main characters of the show: Is blood really thicker than water? Princess Bubblegum examines the wreckage and discovers its location of origin leading Finn wanting to discover its creators.

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It’s a designer debut for Edward Walker, who transforms a bland master bedroom into an Art-Deco masterpiece. When we visit the suburbs of New Orleans, we find an old kitchen and a master bedroom ready for some decorating help from our designers. Dusty Trail Season 3 – Episode Rev up your engines for this action-packed srason of Trading Spaces!

Notre Dame Avenue Season 6 – Episode 6. You won’t want eplsode miss these neighbors’ reactions! Trading Spaces lands in North Carolina. See what happens when her team learns about her ceiling-fan plan. Until the reveal, that is!!! On this episode of Trading Spaces two military couples swap homes to prove once and for all which branch reigns supreme.

Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society

Both teams go shopping to buy fun stuff like digital cameras with the bonus money. Wilbur Street Season 1 – Episode Archived from the original on July 11, Carpenter Ty Pennington’s task gets harder when a severe storm dumps 6 inches of rain in a hour period! Find out by tuning in for the next episode of Trading Spaces! He tries to use her as an instrument for evil, but her innocence eventually causes him to turn over a new leaf.


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This show will forever be known among the fans as “The Prison of Love” episode and if you want to know why you’ll just have to tune in to see. Erin plans to clean and repaint this ceiling fan and reinstall it in the room.

Bent Horn Court Season 2 – Episode In the first hour, Part 2 of the reunion hosted by Lisa Joyner takes place with all the cast members of the new series including the returning cast and new cast members. Episode 1 Season 9 – Episode 1. To reveal pzrk voiced what character, one must click on the various characters under “Guest Stars” to reveal their voice actor or actress.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.