The Pastor’s daughter, and old friend of the Gilberts, April Young, returns to town following her father’s death. Elena tells Stefan she wants him to have the cure instead of her, but later, we find out he denies her and gives the cure back to her. At a party being thrown on campus, Damon teaches Elena how to feed properly. Stefan goes to break Elena out only to have her attack him and escape. Matt has a hard time with Jeremy’s death. April suffers from the spell due to a link between her and Shane.

So Bonnie decides to perform the massacre. Klaus then calls her and asks about her progress. On August 7, it was announced that Phoebe Tonkin and Todd Williams will join the show as recurring characters in the fourth season. Bonnie agrees to help Shane by killing twelve more people to get the proper magic needed to break the veil between this realm and where all supernatural beings go when they die. Meanwhile, Rebekah decides to throw an anti-curfew party at her house, and Elena and Stefan decide to attend. After Elena and Damon wake up and continue where they left off the night before, Stefan arrives to the Salvatore house and approaches Damon with the suspicion that Elena is sired to him. Later, Rebekah meets with Elijah and asks him to give her the cure stating that she wants to be human.

Ever since awakening as a hunter, Jeremy has been having nightmares in which he kills Elena. Caroline is pleasantly surprised when Elena decides to rejoin the cheerleading squad, but her pleasure turns to shock when Elena’s behavior proves dangerous. The Salvatore brothers stop her and vervain Elena, locking her up afterwards.

Bonnie turns Silas into stone and dies trying to bring Jeremy back to life. The curse is broken just as dawn comes, and Damon saves Elena by throwing them both in the river.

Matt moves into her house and Strezmzzz decides to stay in the Salvatore House. Silas is persistent, and mortally injures Caroline’s mother to take her place.

After being told by Shane that the truth about his tattoo will be dizries, Connor returns diarirs Mystic Falls, agreeing to kill humans if necessary.

After Elijah arrives to swison out and persuades him to stay, Klaus decides to stay in New Orleans and return the city to his command with his brother by his side. A Star Is Born 7. Jeremy says good-bye to Bonnie, but they quickly realize Jeremy is now alive and Bonnie isn’t. This causes tension between Caroline and Tyler, not just because of her having a date with Klaus but also because in Tyler’s eyes “[Caroline] sacrificed one friend for another. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler find that their attempt to translate the eppisode on the Hunter’s Sword is futile without help from Klaus, who has his own reasons for solving the puzzle.


Matt is injured and he and Jeremy run for it. Back at the Salvatore’s house, Stefan gives Elena a daylight ring created by Bonnie.

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The Pastor’s daughter, and old friend saispn the Gilberts, April Young, returns to town following her father’s death.

The next day Elena scolds Damon for using innocent people. Damon makes Elena shut off her humanity because the pain of losing Jeremy is too much for her. As Klaus continues his search, he finds that the witches who live there are 32 to overthrow Marcel and that they plan to use Hayley who is carrying a Klaus’ child.

Stefan, Klaus and Caroline look for the location and find it.

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Elena stops him and they argue. Regardless, Klaus offers to provide vampires for Jeremy to kill starting with a pizza delivery woman; who attacks them, forcing Jeremy to kill her. However, she is snapped out of her trance by a scared Bonnie. This results in the spirits punishing the ghost of Grams in front of Bonnie. Retrieved March 18, Retrieved October 12, Klaus episoode an offer to Rebekah to help him stop Kol and protect Jeremy and when she refuses he turns to Stefan for help.

Retrieved May 31, Retrieved February 2, Season 4 DVD Cover. Stefan confesses his true feelings about the possibility of becoming human again to Elena. Bonnie arrives and puts a spell on Klaus that will lock him in the Gilbert’s living room until the next full moon.

Damon knows he has to do the right thing with Elena and decides to tell her to move on, but when he approaches Elena with this final instruction, Elena realizes that he wants to break things off and tries to convince him that her feelings are as real as she believes they are, and that the sire bond only affects the way she acts.


He tells Elena that Stefan had been lying to them, but it was all for her. Phoebe Tonkin will portray Hayley, a friend of Tyler’s. Damon corners Jeremy, who shoots him in the head, giving Jeremy a head start.

Retrieved April 19, Tyler arrives and Rebekah orders him to turn.

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Since Tyler is a hybrid, he reveals himself and allows Connor to shoot him to protect his vampire friends, who escape during the panic started by the public shooting. So Bonnie decides to perform the massacre. Silas impersonates Rebekah and takes the cure from Elijah. At the end of the episode, April stays behind at Rebekah’s, who is also recovering from the werewolf venom, to help clean up and befriends her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After Matt lets them out, Damon tries to kill Matt because Elena told Stefan to save Matt from the sunken car first, leading to Siason her new predicament. Stefan wakes up not really sure of where he is until he glances around. They refuse, and Elena works on a plan to kill Kol. Kol brings in Shane and torture him about the location of the cure, steamzzz tells him and Rebekah about Silas, and how he intends to release him, and how Silas will resurrect those who died on his behalf.

Kol soon shows up and abducts Shane, taking him to the school’s library. On January 11,it was announced that a back-door pilot focused on the Originals, titled The Originals will air on April 25 for series pick-up. Retrieved March 22, On Graduation Day, Mystic Falls is overrun with ghosts intent on settling old scores and fulfilling their supernatural destinies. April suffers from the spell due to a link between her and Shane. He tries and discovers that not only can she keep the blood down, she enjoys it.