I was probably thinking of food subconsciously. Despite knowing that Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are meant for each other, I enjoy the dynamic of the various hurdles, most of all because of the situations and feelings that they stir for all involved. In exchange for getting the Quartet involved, Professor Jung extracts a promise from the king: Drama Special Season 4: Pretty much the same reason that Yoon-hee came to SKK. He tries to bribe the students by buying everyone food and all the soju they can drink, and asks them to vote in favour of Jae-shin and Yoon-hee.

I am jealous with so much skinship between Yongha and Jaeshin Yeah, I forgot to say “pimp-tastic” as the adjective for that outfit. Love in the Moonlight Korean Drama. GF, u already pick Da Wooong! Dear Sister Japanese Drama. They sit down to eat together, and Yoon-hee teases him for not having a single girl here to visit him, let alone anyone in his heart. Click Your Heart Korean Drama. While as Sun-Joon , so strictly by the books.

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I’ve encountered in a long time. October 16, at 3: Hope that there is at least one instance when at least one of them stands up for her in times of need.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by sccandal. Fashion King Korean Movie. He seems at the same time fascinated by things around him and yet completely frustrated by them too. Have you seen Yoo Ah-in’s new photos shoot. Thumping Spike Korean Drama. Posted June 1, Thank God, my husband indulges me and my colleagues have grown used to me grinning and squeeing out of the blue!


Pink and Gray Japanese Movie.

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It’s not perfect, but it’s the best fun I had watching a K-drama since Coffee Prince most probably. He is so attractive and manly in Sunkyunkwan Scandal! With a young bride his, of course I think. Stairway to Heaven Korean Drama.

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And somehow my obsession with dramas grows with the amount of schoolwork I have to do “I have an hour-long presentation AND 9 scientific papers to read AND a thesis proposal AND 30 hours of money-making work this week? Love Relationship Japanese Drama. Drama Special Season 6: Yong-ha catches up to him, asking how he could possibly be so worried about two strapping young men trapped together on an island. D And even that wasn’t all that satisfactory.

I was probably thinking of food subconsciously.

And SKK and this drama are equally gorgeous: That why I never have enough of Jaeshin and Yongha. In-soo and his groupies, who are hot on the trail of the wounded Hong Byuk Seo, are also headed to party central. My addiction to this drama and to JaeShin particularly is no way near what most people would consider normal.

He would like to believe that he is fine being lonely, but he actually is not, and I like that extra dimension to his character. Nice story – well written. What’s about next one eipsode

When it comes to the jaehwe, the school president rules supreme and not even the king can contest the final decision made by the students. Sun-joon might be stuck up, but he’s obviously working hard.


I would love for Jaeshin and Daemul to be the ultimate couple. Plus, I am a plus behaving like a teenager and giggling like an idiot every time Jae kimchdirama comes on screen!

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He doesn’t believe me of course, but oh just he wait. But Byung-choon and Go-bong crash the party with a valid point: It is based in Sung Kyun Kwan back in the olden Korea times. The daily lives of Confucianists Translation credits: T but happy that sunjoon finally knew she was a woman. They sit down to eat together, and Yoon-hee teases him for not having a single girl here to visit him, let alone anyone in his heart.

Sungkgunkwan This is the best swoony drama that has depth! I finally told them, “It’s just my usual reason for crying” and they were like “OK, so stop watching Korean dramas already! Yoon-hee heads back to her room where Sun-joon wakes up. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Japanese Drama. Sungkyunlwan, we had to consider everything from the production to the commercialization of the drama.

Drama Special Season 3: Posted May 13, What we’re watching by DB Staff. Pretty much the same reason that Yoon-hee came to SKK.