Save me, I beg you! The courtiers failed, so now they are trying to blame the Master for our intervention. I want to destroy the part of me that is the blood of Shirakawa! So began the struggle for power between the nobility and the priesthood. But to enter the Palace with weapons, with warriors, is even worse! A man who dramatically raised the fortunes, might and status of the Heike through his activities in suppressing piracy and private trading in the service of the Emperors Shirakawa and Toba.

You think that I’d drink from a bowl soiled by samurai lips? Then last week, we learned that Masaki is adding another theatre production to his agenda. I found you very frank! We leave on campaign. I haven’t watched Okada Masaki series for a while. You need a new one now that you are married. It is all your fault.

It was an autumn evening We have two Emperors. If your solitude is too great, come to see me. Please, don’t patronise me!

Taira no Kiyomori Enters Yoshitsune!

And it was a very nice explosion, but too limited a use of Masaki’s spectrum of talent. The Monk-Emperor rejects our complaints and turns away from us! The series is so good that I watched it twice, partly to get a better understanding of the story, and partly just to have a Masaki-festa. It is all your fault. Come to my home, where it is quieter.


Click here to watch Ep 37 raw without Eng sub. The Court, the nobles, depend on the samurai, to collect their taxes. These men see the world with the young Kiyomori and talk about their own dreams.

Are you siding with my sister already? But perhaps more of how Yoritomo was or could have been before he was attracted to unlimited power and ordered the demise of Yoshitsune. Don’t you want to marry her? Some very complex relationships there, hopefully that will translate well onto the screen and the taiga will be awesome.

He had no right to say such things. The Mount Hiei monks vowed to see me dead, the Court is in chaos.

Let’s give them proof of the power of the palanquins! Tokitada and his friend are here.

All these goods come from China. I composed it for your pleasure, in kiyomorri of this day. Let us convene the Court. Notify me of new posts via email.

It bears the name of Tadamori. No one can contest your lineage now. You won’t stop me! You are commenting using your Twitter account. Tell him that I am innocent! His sworn friend, the cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa, runs a government and wields political power.

I was sorely mistaken. These are sacred weapons, a commoner doesn’t have the right to touch them.


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If you marry her, all will be back in order. Let’s wait calmly for his return. Can he be part of ours? I hoped that we would be received at the Temple. The Genji was then the clan that was ruled by the Minamoto.

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You seem to forget your own emotions! You are as erudite as you are beautiful! Click hereby the way, for twira lucky souls who can watch TNK in San Francisco and adjacent regions. They have luck too. I am ready to assume all responsibility for his behaviour!

They are not responsible for the kiyomorri disorder. This house is too old to be altered. You are commenting using your WordPress. You dare to insult the Emperor’s mistress!