The end justifies the means. Walt was ready to forgive Skyler when he thought she went and spilled her guts to Hank. I added a little note about that with a link to your article in that section. Thought it was ridiculous that Hank and Gomez didn’t get hit once from all those bullets at the end. Same with The Wire. Please sign up or log in to post a comment. She was telling her therapist about wanting to poison somebody. She knows Hank arrested Walt.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Walter took huge risks to eliminate a very dangerous Gus. Was Hank on the phone with Marie? And I especially never wanted it to end like that. I hope Jesse survives. Jesse was a train wreck for most of the show, albeit with flashes of brilliance. Probably a dead end. Walt was ready to forgive Skyler when he thought she went and spilled her guts to Hank.

So many characters have lives and fates in the balance. It was an exhilarating bit of television, and one that is likely leaving a lot of wbout yelling at their TVs as the screen cut to the end credits.

Kids are so often more perceptive about this than adults. Do you think they ended that way just to break with convention? It took me a few passes through to find it too, so thanks for including the comment number!

And ultimately, the most devastating. For now, those factions need to be connected and Todd serves that purpose. All that orange, the blue sky, the hills, the rocks. They need Walt to help Todd cook.

How does Walt get out?

Breaking Bad Episode “To’hajiilee” | Emilia Judith Jordan

I wonder if some authorities will get to Hank that way. As always, Breaking Bad does an awe-inspiring job of juxtaposing great brutality and great beauty.


Your analysis is amazing and everything you write is not only a pleasure to read, but also adds genuine insight. Gomie may be the only casualty because keeping everyone alive is to unrealistic with all the bullets flying. Hank calling Walt out from behind the rock, and the two parties of gunfighters staring each other down. I have no idea how anyone is getting access episodr the videos sooner than airtime, but there they are.

My biggest question remains: On the contrary—maybe on Hitchcock’s theory that ‘knowing’ a terrible thing will happen is worse than not knowing—it was torture, from the moment Walt took the phone call from Jesse aboutt barreled out on the blacktop to the existential showdown in the desert.

She is calm here, but it seems to me that there are problems lurking with her European buyers. Great points all around!

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Anybody else think this episode would have ended at a better spot if tohajiile had faded to black either a moment before, or a moment after, Kenny pulled the trigger? As angry as Jesse was, he never wished that on Walt. I couldn’t wait for it to be over but I never wanted it to end. The other confessions are also a loose end for me. After helping take Walt down, after spitting brreaking his face, I think Jesse may have a fair amount of it out of his system and start to calm down.

Episode Review: Breaking Bad, “To’hajiilee”

Especially since Marie already suggested in the restaurant scene that the best thing for everyone would be if Walt would die, and the sooner the better! We are given two little character developing images. He stands framed by the window, with the vertical blinds creating the image of prison bars. Instead, we got something way, way more awesome.


What I breakinv, Hank and Todd dies, then, uncle Jack will take Jesse as his cook and prisoner for lifetime. Do Skyler and Jr leave with him? Is it me or does anyone else think that this crew is NOT happy about having a woman in charge, judging the cook, orchestrating it all?

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Walter was left broke and penniless and needed to break bad in order to survive.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This is also a season of subtle tragedies. Such a shame about Gale.

He wants Jesse not to suffer and not to be afraid. Maybe then, after a long time has passed monthsTodd is getting better from injury and better as a cook and they plan to kill Jesse but he somehow gets a message to Andrea or something?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Quotes below may contain spoilers about this episode though not future episodes. Join 46 other breakinb Sign me tohaiiilee Inside the car wash, Walt reassures Skyler that they will have some news soon.

It definitely calls to mind the restaurant chat and how you never see them with women. I know, I was thinking about that too.