The sadness stems from how this could be so true, children are so innocent and their childhood experiences are what molds them into who they are. She may have lost her looks, but wow! Meanwhile you keep the great work coming man. SZ, Im watching Talkhiyaan now-a-days.. Mehak your acting in the last episode was off the chats. And we, the viewers, should be thanking you and your team, not the other way around! There was only so much she could do before collapsing. Mikhail Zulfiqar, who Im not that big of a fan of as of yet, was unrecognizable!

I still remember when the first time i stumbled on the review of Talkihyan and it was speaking volumes about the serial that i decided to it a go and with in the next fifteen minutes i was so caught up in the beauty of this serial that till night i was totally taken aback by the experience of this phenomenal journey. Shamim apa, love you! In this midst they befriend Baloo, a low caste and a total taboo for the snobs and hypocrites of Silverwood, whose ubiquitous presence the residents of silverwood bear for their own selfish reasons. You are doing a phenomenal job. And here I have to give a special mention to the music. I in real wanted to give her tight hug when she got so happy on Bibi getting job… just the thought of calling of Jugnu back and leaving in home with big bay windows and badminton court was so really enough to make her smile again..

You did love them double.

SZ please recommend another drama like thalkiyan! SZLajawab review! Talkhiyan was the best coming from the pakistani drama industry. Hard to believe that this was silver-tongued nawab Sarmad M debut — he was perfectly cast.

Little did he know that was the last time he would ever see his mother. It was wonderful watching a show like this; which stands apart from the all shows on air, today. Also, a big thank you to all the viewers, who watched talkhiyan, and gave it the same love and affection that we felt while we were making it. Children are beautiful blessings, and their childhood will never come back.

Thank you to everyone who accompanied us on this journey and made it one of the most special journeys of my life so far… Thank you…. About Baloo, this character is still a mystery for me. And on that note, did you watch Pehchan? It was her twin Jugnu she had come back to find. They were brilliant through out.


I in real wanted to give her tight hug when she got so happy on Bibi getting job… just the thought of calling of Jugnu back and leaving in home with big bay windows and badminton court was so really enough to make her smile again.

How sad she was to come live in that new house without her brother being there, her missing him while putting her stuff away. I reviewed the first episodes before I got caught up with work related stuff.

A perfect way to end this drama, a classic! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment — your very generous words are much appreciated! Rather than wallowing in misery and playing the victim, this woman had struggled through adversity to empower herself.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

I couldnt make it what it talkiyan. They are scarred for life: Loved d young Zoya reminiscing about the past and narrating the story. It really meant the world to all of us. Talkhiyan was in a class by itself.

I got hooked to it like crazy. She also had to suffer and go through a lot yet she still tried to protect her kids. Really Dpisode you took my heart away!!!

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April 2013

The links were broken. Mehak for her debut was simply outstanding, she set me off bawling when she talked about how to tell jugnu bibi died …I loved every scene of hers, her voice was just dripping with emotion. I think that these serials can really do something for our industry. She may have lost her looks, but wow! But what a revelation of an actor Adnan Jaffer is!

You ask where would they live? SZ, thanks for this final review of a a super super play! She is the reason why I have developed so much interest in Pak dramas. First of all, thanks YOU SZ for recommending this drama and for writing all these stellar reviews AND for keeping the thread open for late comers like me.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review – Desi Rants N Raves

A shout out of course, to the stars of the show — Sagar and Sabina- in very childlike but grownup mesmerizing performances. Acting wise, you could not ask for anything more. Absolutely out of this world. Mehak your acting in the last episode was off the chats. She had spent some of the happiest times of her life here. Good discussion about Kisi-ki-khatir Talkhiyan. Hey SZ, I have been a silent reader of your reviews since the time I started watching this show. Naveed Malik, thank you for making me look half decent hahaha — you made being infront of the camera so easy!


She is in fact the one financially supporting the family by making and selling pickles, but is totally dominated by her abusive husband and her taunting sister-in-law Apoo ji. Bibi with nowhere else to go to returns to Silverwood, the very place she had run away from, with her twins. You always nailed it woman! Thank you so much for taking part in the discussions, for feeling so strongly for each character, for listening to and understanding and sharing the struggles, dreams, failures of all these characters… And for not judging to harshly, but rather understanding their failures as humans and understanding that we all start off with the best intentions, but sometimes life throws obstacles in our paths which throw us off course and and change us so completely that we are only left with the echos of whom we once were… There are no good and bad people, but circumstances make us so.

And if I may take the liberty of suggesting another drama, check out Pehchan … it is from the same time, but diff actors and a very diff theme … but like Talkhiyan this one too exists in a time thats all its own.

Narrative through adult Zoya was awesome. Many of our adult concerns seemed very unimportant when seen through their eyes, but then trivial matters for adults became important causes for concern for these children.