Scipio Africanus Scipone L’Africano Originally posted by The Clawman If he’s writing in Arabic script I haven’t seen the film it could well be from right to left. If the settings aren’t correct then too much of the frame is shown, hence the presence of the boom mike. The thing that drove me nuts in that movie is that they spend the whole time trying to get a transmitter to talk to the planes that are circling. But, the mask and aspect ratio aren’t really something the theatre owner needs to be messing with. They make a reference at one point that the blizzard is widespread, and other airports are closed because of it. I know how to use this,” she’s shown working on a Mac Quadra, and the screen image is a Windows screen. Nitpicky I know, but I noticed!

And didn’t the scarecrow totally screw up stating the Pythagorean theorem after he got his “brain”? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! There are a lot of references to Chicago-area locations like Morton Grove, and of course Kenilworth For instance, the whole purpose of the mission was to determine why the oxygen level on Mars suddenly dropped. The first one is that the martian creatures that are eating everything are called “nematodes” by the cast. It was because both characters viewed it a different way, so it looked diff.

Maybe not so notorious, but freaking glaringly obvious!

Yes No Share this Share this: He was joining the RAF. I don’t see how that’s a goof. Actually it looks like Lucas used this bloper. When Nefretiri plays Hounds and Jackals against Sethi, her position changes when she is told that Moses and Rameses are coming. At the beginning, Tyler has a gun in Jack’s mouth and says, “Any last words? Scipio Africanus Scipone L’Africano I seem to recall that in the 50’s and 60’s, due to the filming of some movies in certain wide-screen formats, that often the director or cameraman would allow the boom mike to be in frame.

When he does this the camera pans back and up to a wider angle, and there’s no music for just a moment.

Ten Commandments blooper?

Originally posted by The Clawman If he’s writing in Arabic script I haven’t seen the film it could well be from right to left. For a few frames, the matte insert of the lightsaber simply didn’t track, they were inserting bars vlooper different lengths to compensate for the perspective as the lightsabers moved around and circled in the air. When Sephora’s six sisters dance in the commadments in front of Moses and the Sheiks, the background music starts just before the musicians began playing.


At the movie’s climax, Neo is directed to this exact same room note how Agent Smith recognizes the hotel and gets into room ahead of Neo but now the escape route is intact. More on the “Green Berets” When the Hebrews are going out of Egypt, a camel eats some fruit that a man is carrying on his back. Gotcher Godfathers mixed up there, buckaroo.

In the time of Rameses, they would have been substantially newer – years old. Please enter a valid email address. Warning, crude joke follows: It was built in It’s highly unlikely that system had a screen saver. More importantly, one move to realize that it is NOT the Director’s job to catch such things. He hadn’t joined the show, but he apparently had joined the crew. Being from Maryland, I was always annoyed when they showed Jack Ryan’s house in ‘Patriot Games’ on the Chesapeake as being nestled in some coastal mountains.

However, when Michael stands up to talk to Tessio, we see a small, orangeish image of Mama Corleone under his arm. Mama Corleone at this point is alive and in attendance at her husband’s funeral she herself does not die until The Godfather, Part II.

Ten Commandments Movie Blooper

If not I’d like to pony up one of my favorites: Joachim says, “You’re is the superior intellect” and then he lbooper. She seems to lose character for a few seconds as she looks to the camera as if to see if the director would stop the scene, realizes he’s not and continues to act. As the actor’s did battle, the rods rotated, catching hard light set off to one side and providing a bit of flickering.

I think the blooper is that he actually parts the Reed Sea. This error is also in the DVD version of the movie. X Join the mailing list Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.

Yeah, in Xena Warrior Princess, episode BF12, she was battling barbarians while riding a winged Appaloosa, yet in the very next scene, she’s clearly atop a winged Arabian. In Walking Tall, the boom mike is clearly visible in at least one shot. And Aaronow complains about having a woman in White Plains “on the hook”. RickJay you are probably right about the sun in Green Berets, I never saw the movie and was going from memory of what I thought I had heard.


I think it’s either the sun-setting-in-the-east thing in The Green Berets not rising in the West, LL – the coast there faces the East or the infamous continuity gaffe in The Jagged Edge wherein Glenn Close wears three totally different suits in the same courtroom exchange!

Flatworms these beasties were not. Yet another example of Lucas trying to claim that he “planned it that way all along” rather than admitting that he screwed up.

The wormhole’s opening was elusive and zipped around at random, making catching it and being instantly teleported to the distant planet a real challenge. I’d heard of these long before I knew about most of the others in this thread. When Rameses places the dead body of his son on the statue next to his throne, watch as it cuts to a shot of the side of the statue.

Originally posted by photopat I read once that in Jurassic Park, toward the end when the young girl finds a computer and says something like “Linux. A new menu and more – thoughts welcome I’m sorry, but this isn’t even an intentional slipup. Xander Cage is on that exceptionally ridiculous poisoning device in xXx, riding it under bridges in Prague As Khan pulls him closer, saying “I shall avenge you” you can see the dead actor close his eyes.

As Nefretiri realizes it is indeed Moses, she looks up and to her left at him. In order to make the run you have to dodge the black holes on alternating sides while going through the channel.

They they apparently take a shower before doing it again. Problem is, there’s no mention of exactly where it is time-wise. I’ve shot tons of stuff that was 4: What happened is that the filter on the camera lens’ matte box caught a reflection of actress Morgana King Mama Corleonewho was sitting next to Pacino in that scene. I think it may have been done deliberately as a joke by Kelly and Nimoy.